--> Aswin and Alia's Food Journey: March 2012

Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thailand Cuisine

Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine

Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014

Finally, after a year of planning, we are able to set up a trip to Bali. Very excited! Alia has been mentioning about Ubud for quite some time and now this trip is about to be realized.

Welcome Home: Nanny's Pavillon Housewarming

On 30th of April 2014, we were invited to the housewarming of the newest Nanny's Pavillon restaurant in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau), Bandung.

Caffe Bene: Korean Coffee Shop in Bandung

Alia has been craving to visit this place for a while, so when the time comes to visit she was delighted

Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails


Durian Pancakes from Medan

Thanks for my friend @scarlet_ri, because of her I was aware the existence of this Durian Pancake that is originated from Medan. So, when Aswin's cousin @rendyariezal went to Medan last week, We ordered this Durian Pancake from him. Durian lovers should never miss this! :D

Durian House
Jl. Sekip No. 67 Medan
Ph. 061 4153 678


Kedai Oishii Steak Pandu: Great Steak that come with Affordable Price

 Steak with delicious taste and low price? Forget about Warung Steak, the meat just like sendal jepit and Suis Butcher? I think they have bland taste, so long the old great Suis Butcher. We've been hearing about this Oishii Steak and how good it was, also how cheap the price. Actually the one who've been telling us were Ruben, our contributor for Jejakrasa and Dita, my sister in law.

So, last friday we had a plan to come to Jl. Samiaji to buy gift for my brother and suddenly I remembered about the steak place and asked Aswin to have our lunch there. Actually, I often came to Jl. Pandu for it's flowers' vendor and usually on night before Idul Fitri because the price of the flowers cheaper than on Jl. Wastukencana.

View from the front window
Japanese style font for the restaurant's logo
Apparently they have different time for the restaurant to open

When we were arrived around 2 pm, the restaurant was so still and quiet, and we're wondering are they opened yet? Apparently they have opened and we're the only guest :) So, the place was similar with Sumber Hidangan and Braga Permai or the term for it was vintage. Beside the steak they also serve Indonesian food like fried rice, iga bakar, and chicken (fried & grill); Japanese food such as chicken katsu and teriyaki; appetizer like salad, soup, omelette; and also pasta. For the steak, they provide steak from chicken, beef and lamb. The price was around Rp. 20.000,- - Rp. 35.000,-.

I ordered my all time classic steak, that was tenderloin steak for Rp. 30.500,- and for the potato we can choose french fries, lyonnaise potatoes, hash brown potatoes, gratin potatoes, or cheese potatoes. For the sauce there's three variety of sauce we can choose: mushroom, pepper, or barbeque. I choose lynnaise potato and pepper sauce for my tenderloin. Aswin ordered rib eye steak with mushroom sauce and french fries (Rp. 31.500,-), also added hash brown (Rp. 8.500,-). For the beverages, we ordered the usual kind, coke and ice lemon tea. Surprisingly the ice tea used honey for sweetener.

The interior with Aswin on the foreground
Tenderloin steak with pepper sauce and lyoinnaise potatoes

Frankly, I really like the pepper sauce and they had distinctive taste with other pepper sauce on steak that I ever tasted. It had GARLIC! How clever and the taste was awesome for the pepper addict like me :) and the lyonnaise potatoes was the great companion for the steak. Well, for us the place indeed have a GREAT steak and for steak lovers who dare an adventure, absolutely should try this steak place.

Oishii Steak
Jl. Pandu No. 5 Bandung
Ph. 022 6017446


Duku Palembang

For those of you who haven't heard about Duku (Dukuh), it is a fruit that originated locally in Indonesia. It has a lot of health benefits and usually taste sweet. Full explanation can be viewed here.
The most famous Duku producer in Indonesia comes from Palembang. So, when we have deliveries of them (2 boxes!), we know that we have enough supply of healthy fruits for more than two weeks. Enjoy!

Duku Palembang

Pempek Candy, Palembang

Fresh from Palembang. This is the famous Pempek Candy. Comes with several favorite model such as the submarine, lenjer, and other type. Enjoy! 

Pempek Candy - The Box

The Round Shaped Pempek

After being Cooked

Other Variation of Pempek Servings

Not so regular Variation on Eating Pempek :)

Pempek Candy
Jl. R. Sukamto (in front of Novotel Hotel)
Phone: +62 711 375 903

Cream Fudge Candy

Got this candy as gift from an Umroh trip last month. It is a sweet candy made of milk. Very sweet. The funny thing is that it is made from Poland, but purchased in Saudi Arabia :). Enjoy!

Cream Fudge Luxury - Made in Poland!


White Coffee

Just opened this box of white coffee. Almost forgot that we have them, as this item was purchased during our last trip to Malaysia on December last year. I remembered that we purchased the item because we entered one of the "tourist trap" places located in KL.
Overall the coffee tasted like similar other white coffee, but this one is more "thicker" and "heavier". I prefer the Aik Cheong brand better than this one. But, coffee is still a coffee, and for me as long as it can help to kick start my day, then it's fine for me :). Enjoy!

The Box of White Coffee

Kantin Borju, ITB

Another day in ITB, another day of lunch. Variation: Kantin Borju, ITB.
The Menu: Fried Rice, Chicken Strips, Fried Mushroom & Guava Juice.
Total Damage Cost: Rp 22rb. Not bad for a quite hearty lunch. Enjoy!

The Food & Drink

Kantin Borju - ITB
Jl. Ganesha No. 10


Homemade Fusilli with Dill & Smoked Marlin

Last night we went to buy some condiment for breakfast sandwich. We ended up using it to make this fusili (thanks to Chef Michael Smith for the inspiration). Overall the taste is OK, although Alia think it is too sour. Will work on that on the future try-out :). Enjoy!


  • Penne/ Spaghetti/ Fettuccine
  • Smoked marlin/ salmon
  • Dill
  • Mustard
  • Sour cream
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Salt 
  • Pepper
  • Lemon & the zest
  • Spring onion leaf, chopped
How to make:

  • Cook the pasta into al dente
  • Add the spring onion, lemon, the zest, dill. mix it together.
  • Add the mustard, sour cream, salt & pepper.
  • Finished it with sprinkling mozzarella cheese.
  • Enjoy!

The Homemade Fusilli with Dill & Smoked Marlin

Batagor Abuy

Finally, we got to visit our favorite Batagor vendor :)

The Fried Siomay & Batagor

Batagor Abuy
Jl. Lengkong Besar

Martabak Sakura

One of our all-time favorite martabak vendor in Bandung.

The Martabak Asin Vendor

The Martabak Manis Vendor

Martabak Sakura
Jl. Lengkong Besar


Mr. Pancake - Bandung Super Mall

Thanks to the last week's Food Paradise episode on the Best Street Vendor in USA, where one of their vendor is Wafels & Dinges, I am craving for a Belgian Waffle. As I think it's quite hard to find a good waffle in Bandung, we've decided to go for Pancake. As we are happened to be around Bandung Super Mall area, then off we go to Mr. Pancake.
Viola! Luckily they also served Waffles there. So without no hesitation we ordered the Blackberry Heaven Waffles for Rp 31rb., which is basically four waffles with Strawberry Ice Cream Topping with Blackberry sauce. Yummy! It's enough to cover my craving for the day :). Enjoy!

Blueberry Heaven Waffle

Iced Tea

The Outlet

Mr. Pancake
Bandung Super Mall 2nd Floor, B207
Jl. Gatot Subroto
Phone: +6222 9109 1769
Opening hour: 10.00-22.00


Breakfast at Warung Pasta

While waiting for Alia at Sunday's Car Free Day event, I've decided to continue my work on one paper which is due on Monday (just another day of a PhD student). Since I'd be needing a power outlet, while in ITB (especially in Architecture) freely power outlets are rare to find, Warung Pasta become the closes alternative to go.
They served a breakfast menu which consisted of one main course and drink for the price of Rp 15rb. For main course, you can choose between pasta, pizza, pancake or parfait, while for drink you can choose between coffee, chocolate, or tea. I've decided to go with the Lasagna + Cappuccino combo.
For that price I got to say it is pretty affordable, and you can have a hearty breakfast. So Enjoy!

Their tagline

Hot Cappuccino


Warung Pasta
Jl. Ganeca No. 4
Twitter: @warungpasta


Pino Pizza

An alternative for Pizza Lover! There's a new player in town to challenge the pizza emporium in Bandung. To be specific in South area of Bandung, where they already have Cafe Asix, Cafe Milan, and the more mainstream Pizza Hut. It is the Pino Pizza!.
Located just across the corner of Pizza Hut Buah Batu, this vendor boldly open and challenge the established Pizza Hut. Armed with more faithful Italian dish, it was an oasis for those of you who are longing for more traditional Italian pizza, not the mainstream one.
Bon Appetit!

The Outlet
The Signage* 

The Interior #1*
The Interior #2*

The Kitchen*

The Smoked Beef Pizza*

The (Very!!!) Spicy Garlic & Cheese Spaghetti*

Iced Lemongrass Lemon Tea*

Funny But Delicious Kiwi Juice*

Their Signature Pino Breeze*

Full and Happy!*

*Thanks to Anya (@sitikania) for the additional photos. You can also check her blog here

Pino Pizza
Jl. Buahbatu No. 140
Twitter: @pino_pizza


Arin Kebab, Batununggal Indah

Found this vendor this morning when we are travelling to Batununggal Indah area. The place is very secluded, and easy to be missed, but thanks to our sharp eye (and our empty stomach), we've managed to take a look at their signage. It looked like they just opened their store, and what surprising is that the morning they already have another customer purchasing the Kebab. Wow!
Their taste is OK. Like other kebab vendor such as Doner and others, they have the signature rotating meat rack. For the price of Rp 12.000 you can have a delicious Beef & Cheese Kebab. Their size is a little bit smaller compared with Doner and other, but enough if you want to have a quick bite along the way to the office. For alternative breakfast option in Batununggal Indah area, you can try and eat this. Enjoy!
The front facade of Arin Kebab
The kebabs on a pan
The Wrapping & Logo
The kebab

Arin Kebab
Jl. Batununggal Indah I No. 22
Ph. 022 7038 2948

Lotek next to Griya Buah Batu

We finally found the vendor name and phone number ^_^.
Check the revised detail (italics) in the address section.


We titled the subject like that because until now, we always forgot the name of the vendor (dooh!). Have promised ourselves to remember their name in our next visit. We recommend this vendor as alternative for those of you who would like to have a vegetable dishes in Buah Batu area. Enjoy!

The front facade of Loteh & Juice Buah batu
The interior
The cashier corner
The menu
The lotek (what left most of it :P)

Lotek Next to Griya Buah Batu (Lotek Aneka Rasa)
Jl. Buah Batu next to Griya Buah Batu
Phone: +6222 7303300


The product name is based on a fruit which apparently being harvested at Dieng area, Central Java. To tell you the truth, the name of the fruit is very unfamiliar for me. But after I tasted this product, a pickled fruit, I found that the taste is almost similar to Mango. Very delicious, yet full of sugar. Enjoy!


Healtimie Green Barley Noodle

Intrigued by the color, the "healthy" gimmick, and the taste (green barley), we decided to buy this noodle. Surprisingly, their taste is not as near as healthy foods. It tasted really savory and almost similar to the regular instant noodles which you should eat only once a week. Hmmm... Talked about (non) guilty pleasures :D. Itadakimashu!

Noodle and the package

The Green Barley Noodle #1

The Green Barley Noodle #2