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Kedai Oishii Steak Pandu: Great Steak that come with Affordable Price

 Steak with delicious taste and low price? Forget about Warung Steak, the meat just like sendal jepit and Suis Butcher? I think they have bland taste, so long the old great Suis Butcher. We've been hearing about this Oishii Steak and how good it was, also how cheap the price. Actually the one who've been telling us were Ruben, our contributor for Jejakrasa and Dita, my sister in law.

So, last friday we had a plan to come to Jl. Samiaji to buy gift for my brother and suddenly I remembered about the steak place and asked Aswin to have our lunch there. Actually, I often came to Jl. Pandu for it's flowers' vendor and usually on night before Idul Fitri because the price of the flowers cheaper than on Jl. Wastukencana.

View from the front window
Japanese style font for the restaurant's logo
Apparently they have different time for the restaurant to open

When we were arrived around 2 pm, the restaurant was so still and quiet, and we're wondering are they opened yet? Apparently they have opened and we're the only guest :) So, the place was similar with Sumber Hidangan and Braga Permai or the term for it was vintage. Beside the steak they also serve Indonesian food like fried rice, iga bakar, and chicken (fried & grill); Japanese food such as chicken katsu and teriyaki; appetizer like salad, soup, omelette; and also pasta. For the steak, they provide steak from chicken, beef and lamb. The price was around Rp. 20.000,- - Rp. 35.000,-.

I ordered my all time classic steak, that was tenderloin steak for Rp. 30.500,- and for the potato we can choose french fries, lyonnaise potatoes, hash brown potatoes, gratin potatoes, or cheese potatoes. For the sauce there's three variety of sauce we can choose: mushroom, pepper, or barbeque. I choose lynnaise potato and pepper sauce for my tenderloin. Aswin ordered rib eye steak with mushroom sauce and french fries (Rp. 31.500,-), also added hash brown (Rp. 8.500,-). For the beverages, we ordered the usual kind, coke and ice lemon tea. Surprisingly the ice tea used honey for sweetener.

The interior with Aswin on the foreground
Tenderloin steak with pepper sauce and lyoinnaise potatoes

Frankly, I really like the pepper sauce and they had distinctive taste with other pepper sauce on steak that I ever tasted. It had GARLIC! How clever and the taste was awesome for the pepper addict like me :) and the lyonnaise potatoes was the great companion for the steak. Well, for us the place indeed have a GREAT steak and for steak lovers who dare an adventure, absolutely should try this steak place.

Oishii Steak
Jl. Pandu No. 5 Bandung
Ph. 022 6017446


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