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George Town Curry Chicken and Dalcha (Contributed Article from Ruben Juliarto)

This posting is contributed by Ruben Juliarto, our beloved friend and regular contributor for Jejak Rasa. Thank you and look forward to hear about your next article contribution bro!

On 21 August 2014, I visited Penang Island aka George Town. The City
impression was very good. The city is clean, many historical buildings
and town squares were well preserved. I enjoyed my one day trip there
and delicious Indian dish in Little Indian square.

During lunch time, I chose to come to Kassim Mustafa restaurant, which
was near Indian market. I ordered chicken curry, butter rice and
dalcha. The taste of Indian taste were very strong (was it Indian
masala?). In my opinion, the spices were stronger than Indian food
which I ate in Bandung's Indian Restaurant. After I asked Kassim
Mustafa waiter, I knew that the dalcha soup main ingredients were
vegetables. Dalcha soup was suitable for vegan diet. The soup was
thick and savory.

According to trip expenses note, I spent 7 MYR for curry chicken,
butter rice, dalcha plus kopi tarik. Kopi tarik was coffee plus milk,
and were poured several times which made bubble.

I do hope to go there once again and try out chinese food in George Town.


The Restaurant

Dalcha & Butter Rice

Kopi Tarik


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