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Missing in Action!

It is been a while (too long?) since we post in this our beloved blog. Actually, there are several things that has happened while we are away. We have traveled to United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Singapore respectively, while also going to Central Java to visit Semarang and Jogjakarta.

On life, Aswin has (finally!) managed to survive his challenge and fulfills one of his many dreams of becoming a PhD in Science Management. After that, another good news that we are expecting tiny new member of our blogger (boy/ girl? Just wait and hear from us!). Oh! And our beloved contributors are now happily married, congratulations to Djukie and Ruben!

As plenty has happened over the past months (year?), and the "chaos" has set in order, we would like to continue to write in this blog again. Thankfully Ruben and Djukie has covered several posting over the months while we were away, so a big thanks to you guys!

So what are you having for lunch right now?


Jejakrasa Team

Happy Graduation!


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