--> Aswin and Alia's Food Journey: November 2013

Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thailand Cuisine

Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine

Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014

Finally, after a year of planning, we are able to set up a trip to Bali. Very excited! Alia has been mentioning about Ubud for quite some time and now this trip is about to be realized.

Welcome Home: Nanny's Pavillon Housewarming

On 30th of April 2014, we were invited to the housewarming of the newest Nanny's Pavillon restaurant in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau), Bandung.

Caffe Bene: Korean Coffee Shop in Bandung

Alia has been craving to visit this place for a while, so when the time comes to visit she was delighted

Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails


Short Hot Sauce Review: Lingham's Chili Sauce

Hot sauce and Indonesian people is inseparable. Most of dishes that came from ancestors of Alia and Me is usually drizzled with hot sauce/ chili sauce. Rendang, Ayam Pop, Gulai Ayam, Fried Chicken, Lalapan, and others must be accompanied/ created with hot sauce.

That is why we liked to try different takes on hot sauce, especially from outside of Indonesia. Today we review the Lingham Chili Sauce. Celebrating their 100 years of serving, we really think that they must have done a great job in serving these flaming chili sauce.

Quick glance to their ingredients, they only add chili, sugar and water to their ingredients. No onion, no preservation, no shallot, just plain old chili sauce.

The taste: Great! Not too spicy, but really makes a great condiment for foods.

Recommendation: add it to your fried chicken, chicken porridge, or plain omelette to start up your day.


Lingham Chili Sauce
Tel: +603 8723 9588
Fax: +603 8723 7577
Website: http://www.lingham.com

 photo 894bf5bf-7733-4459-a3de-a99b7e72afcd_zpsaf934cca.jpg
The Bottle


Cuisine Francaise Authentique at Paris Villages, Setrasari Mall

We have not eaten a great French food for quite some time. We think the last time we ate french cuisine in Indonesia, is when we went to Bistro Delifrance in Jakarta in 2011! Wow, almost 2 years.

We did though ate some great quiche a while ago, courtesy of the nice people in OuicheID. So it is a revelation for us to have a French Restaurant opened in Bandung.

We think aside from the cafe in CCF Bandung, Bandung does not have any specific French Restaurant. Just like Soleluna who sold Spanish cuisine, we think this place is really exciting.

Starting from the clear welcoming facade of the restaurant, we already feel that this is a great way to have a nice evening. Today we are accompanied by our friend who are happened to enjoy traveling and food, Dibja and our nice and lovely close friend/ lecturer/ architect/ traveler/ foodie/ anthropologist Mbak Indah.

When we entered the restaurant, it was quite empty, but suddenly the chef walked in and greeted us in French.

"Bon Jour!"

Hehehe... We replied back with our Sundanese accent: "Bon Jour to you too, Sir!".

He direct us to our seating and quickly serves the menu. We looked at it, and we were looking at each other: the menu only serves beverages, while we are really hungry at that time. Do they serve food here?

Not less than a minute, the chef quickly pulled a big blackboard and begin to explain us about the food menu. Now, that is impressive! The presentation really adds create a special twist and additional appreciation for customers. We liked the place already!

He patiently explains to us each of the menu and answers all of our sometimes funny, inaccurate, and innocent questions. One particular question that we remembered is about the caviar menu. Do they really serves caviar in a salad? He quickly pointed out that it is  french cuisine, which involves, pickled zucchini marinated in cheese. Hmmm... No caviar, but anything marinated in cheese must be tasty! ^_^.

After a while, we quickly ordered several foods and asked them to be served in the middle for sharing. We ordered the Quiche Emmental (Cheese Quiche), Gratin Oignons (Famous French Onion Soup), Caviar de Corgettes (Pickled Diced Zucchini in Cheese Marinate), Beef Filet with Blue Cheese Sauce, and a couple additional french bread. For dessert,  we ordered their Creme Brulee Cafe. For drinks,  we opted for Kir beverages (traditional French Apple Cider). Dibja ordered the Cafe Au Lait and Mbak Indah ordered their Gin.

The foods were served in order, and we quickly dig in. Wow, it was really excellent! We think that their foods are very French: it were seasoned well, presented nicely and with full attention to detail.

Due to the atmosphere and great company, we stayed there for almost three hours. Really enjoying the time we spent there.

Not long then the owner came, and we talked with him for more. He talks about his passion for foods, for Bandung, for french cuisine, and more. The discussion really adds a lot of dimension and knowledge for us about French cuisine.

Too bad we need to end our day there. But rest assured, we will go here again soon!


Paris Villages | Cuisine Francaise Authentique
Setrasari Mall Blok B4 No. 98
Jl. Surya Sumantri
Bandung - 40163
Phone: +6222 2006958
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Paris_Villages
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ParisVillages

 photo 1401278_10202457897548118_662607951_o_zps52eb1866.jpg
Happy (Hungry) Faces!
 photo 893579_10152010224166796_1153961192_o_zpsb3937d26.jpg
The Appetizers
 photo IMG00202-20131103-1223_zps1767ca09.jpg
French Bread, Fresh From the Oven
 photo IMG00201-20131103-1223_zps21eab38e.jpg
Caviar de Courgettes
 photo IMG00200-20131103-1223_zpseee2bf8a.jpg
Gratin Oignons
 photo IMG00199-20131103-1223_zps73e0b512.jpg
Quiche Emmental
 photo 2013-11-03_12-43-48_zpsfcb5d34b.jpg
Beef Filet
 photo 2013-11-03_13-05-35_zps9735f751.jpg
Creme Brulee Cafe
 photo c877c4b9-7a4d-4518-a762-088051f385ee_zps0b1bfc4f.jpg
Kir Bretong
 photo a796134c-00d7-4d63-ba90-3b1b22e6a7da_zps127292c5.jpg
The Chef Introducing The Menu
 photo 1383457161577_zpsc77e79be.png
Cafe Au Lait
 photo IMG00198-20131103-1217_zpse6d64b3c.jpg
The Interior #1
 photo IMG00197-20131103-1217_zpsac61459c.jpg
The Interior #2
 photo IMG00196-20131103-1211_zpsa897d767.jpg
The Beverages Menu #1
 photo IMG00195-20131103-1211_zps2196afde.jpg
The Beverages Menu #2
 photo IMG00185-20131102-1312_zps56818332.jpg
The Outlet Facade 
 photo 97c4e972-dd1b-42ad-b8fc-a97d57381d4c_zps6e11a2fe.jpg
The Outlet Sign


Things We Find In Car Free Day Event: Kue Balok

We love going to car free day event. For those of you who are not familiar with the Car Free Day event, it is an event held for a half of day in Bandung, where some specific road(s) are closed for cars and motorcycles. The road(s) usually then filled with activities such as aerobics, dancing, music performance, and amateur vendors.

There are currently two Car Free Day events in Bandung, held in Buah Batu and Dago area. Currently Alia is visiting the one in Dago area.

Here we can find a lot of vendors selling traditional snacks and foods such as cookies, fried snacks, beverages, up to the more western foods such as grilled sausages, tornado potato fries and burgers.

One particular snack that we encountered in CFD Buah Batu and Dago is this one: Kue Balok. Traditional cookies made using (almost) similar dough with Pancake Batter, and usually serves with sugar frosting on top. Keeping up with more modern twist, now they serves them with raisin, chocolate chip, almond, and one of our favorite toppings: cheese.

With the price of Rp 5000 (USS 0.4) per 3 pcs, it is a great bargain. Accompanied with a good cup of coffee, this combination can really lighten up your day.


 photo IMG00194-20131103-1000_zps80783a7c.jpg
Kue Balok with Raisin Topping

Snacks So Good, It Need Intervention...

We don't know who invented this snack.

Based on our hypotheses:

We think historically it was initiated by the Krip Krip noodle snack that were famous during our elementary school days, then it went haywire during our Senior High School to College era when students, poor and hungry tried to come up with a new snack. Here, a new snack were invented: Behold of the Instant Noodle Eaten Raw era! Cost less than Rp 500 back then, it was becoming a staple of snacks for some of us.

Food producers, looking for the opportunity to profit from this phenomenon, decided to cash in with the creation of these snack creations such as the brand from Mamee and this particular food: Enaak.

Somewhat, we are stuck with this snack right now. 10 packages can be downed in almost a day that somewhat Alia already think that we need to go to an intervention and join a rehab just to limit our daily consumption.

Hmmm... After this post, We DO think that we need an intervention. Perhaps for a couple of weeks from now, it is Broccoli and Carrot as a snack for us.


 photo 2013-11-04_11-08-41_zpsf3f35c5e.jpg
Snack so good it need an intervention...


Enjoying Rendang Noodle in Mangkok Ayam

In our last post, we discussed about how Burger and Rendang has easily entered the list of our most favorite food. S

So, what about Bakmi (Noodle) and Rendang? Does it mixed well together?


Well it turned out it mixed very well. Especially if you are a huge fan of spicy food. Then this should be on your list when traveling to Bandung.



Mangkok Ayam
Setiabudi Market (Side Entrance)
Jl. Hegar Manah

 photo IMG_6692_zpse739edd1.jpg
Bakmi Ayam Jamur
 photo IMG_6694_zps33f90ef4.jpg
Super Hot Bakmi Rendang
 photo IMG_6695_zps5ddd6940.jpg
Kuo Tie

 photo IMG_6696-rotate_zps981bbc41.jpg

A Noob Guide for Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette is a dish made originated from (guess) Spanish which consisted of Potato and Egg. Today out of nowhere we are inspired to make one with an Indonesian twist.

2 eggs
1 potato, diced 1x1 cm
1/2 cup of full cream milk
1 green chili, finely chopped
Olive oil and if you prefer, butter

How to make:
Heat your skillet. Add olive oil.
After the skillet is hot enough, fry your potato until golden brown
While waiting for the potato to cook, whisked your eggs and milk. Add the green chili, salt and pepper.
After your potato is cooked, rest it until all the oil reduced.
Add the potato to the egg mixture.
Heat your skillet into medium and add the mixture. Evenly spread the potato so it layered nicely.
After a while flip the omelette (I have done it in one single try, acrobatically. Really proud of myself :P).
Serve while hot, preferably with a nice cup of coffee and hot chili


 photo IMG_6697_zps1ea7af73.jpg
Homemade Spanish Omelette


Things We Found in a Bazaar: Fried Ice Cream

After we finished our sales, we decided to take a stroll around the Bazaar. Not yet full after eating a gigantic sized grilled sausage, two box of mixed fried veggies snack and two glass of iced tea, we search for other things to eat. 

Somewhat needing for a closure after successful but yet disappointed sales of our own, we decided to go and find dessert. Then we sees this vendor who sells Fried Ice Cream. Quickly we are thinking: Ice Cream is a great way to end a meal, but does the fried ones provide the similar experience?

We decided to give it a go. At a cost of Rp 15.000 (US$ 1.2) we can have a go for this tasty treat. Fried Ice Cream is basically Ice Cream covered in pastry dough. It is quite popular back in the US, but now just celebrating their reenactment here in South East Asia. We choose the Strawberry Ice Cream with Blueberry topping.

The Ice Cream is dipped in hot oil for less than a minute before serving. When eaten, we get the crunchy and the crumbling of the pastry but inside are greeted with cold Strawberry Ice Cream. As it is a combination of hot/ cold when eaten early, it might presented as a surprise for some people. We personally liked it, as it combines two of our favorite item: Pastry and Ice Cream. What is not to like?


Fried Ice Cream
90th Anniversary Bazaar of RSHS
Jalan Pasteur

 photo 2013-10-27_12-23-15_zpsa97edb9b.jpg
Frying the Ice Cream
 photo 2013-10-27_12-24-46_zpsff15b876.jpg
Finished Product. Yum!


Our First Bazaar Stall!

Over the time, me and Alia has always dreamed of opening our own bakery/ coffee shop/ restaurant. But as we both currently only have the skill of eating out, then we agree that we make a baby step towards it.

One of the opportunity for it came when a Bazaar was held in Rumah Sakit Hasan Sadikin, Bandung, celebrating their 90th anniversary. We rent a place there and joint forces with our sister-in-law, Maya, who are excelled in making traditional Manado dishes.

We wanted to make it a slow but sure start. So we decided to sell Panada, a traditional Manado snack made from pastry dough with chicken/ tuna filling. To accompany it, we prepare three other cookies consisted of fried Lumpia, Fried Bread with Beef filling and sweet rice chocolate brownies. Also inline with our cautious behavior, we only prepared a total of around 120 pcs of cookies.

In this bazaar we are targeting two objectives: the first one is to test the market about the possibility of this becoming a regular event for us, and secondly is to promote our new website: www.jejakrasa.com.

And boy we are dead wrong to play cautiously...

Almost 5000 people are attending the bazaar, and quickly we are overwhelmed by the crowd. It took us only around 4 hours before almost all of our cookies are sold out, with the Panada become the main attraction for sales.

Glad but slightly disappointed, at 12.30 pm where other vendor are still busy selling their product, we quietly packed our stuff and close our shop. Today we made a promise that if we have the chance to do it again next year, we might play more aggressively and sell more items and Panadas :).

Well, regret always comes late, and good thing is that we can continue to go around the bazaar area to spend our not-so-much revenue hehehe...


90th Anniversary of RSHS
Jalan Pasteur

 photo 2013-10-26_17-18-14_zps0905c57a.jpg
Calm Before The Storm
 photo IMG-20131027-02197_zpsc1d135a0.jpg

 photo IMG-20131027-02198_zps0d71b61e.jpg
Other Cookies
 photo IMG-20131027-02196_zpsd286ad54.jpg
The Pretty Sales Representatives of Jejakrasa Stall
 photo IMG-20131027-02209_zps80e34086.jpg
Sold Out!
 photo IMG-20131027-02211_zpsfb120fd1.jpg
Special Guest by The Indonesian Ministry of Health


Kopi Joss: Coffee with Charcoal Brisket Infusion

We have been reading the review of this particular coffee beverages with unique serving for quite some time. It looked interesting, coffee with brisket in it, and the appearance wasn't bad at all. The coffee itself is using cups made from coconut.

Actually, we have been searching for this place for quite some time. The place itself is quite hard to find since it is stand in between rows of street vendors on jalan Burangrang.

Suddenly, one time we found it. It was just opposite of Baso Malang Enggal and near the Bubur Pelana, but we noticed that they opened only at night. So, on Tuesday after Yoga class, it is our 'menggembul' time, we decided to hang out in here.

Beside the coffee,  they also provide bajigur and bandrek. As the food,  they serve kue balok and also surabi fusion.

The coffee tasted unique as it has some kind of mineral content due to the hot charcoal brisket that is dumped inside the coffee. Very good for accompanying a cold night like now, especially after exercising.

Yum! Enjoy!

Kopi Joss
Jalan Burangrang (Next to Martabak Salim, in front of Bakso Malang Enggal) 

 photo 1380633632856_zps340d8418.jpg
Kopi Joss
 photo 1380634926835_zps044d6be5.jpg
The Charcoal Inside
 photo 1380635345796_zps5fa5077d.jpg
 photo 1380633672574_zps0bff4874.jpg
Kue Balok
 photo 1380635328590_zps13f8057f.jpg
Serabi with Cheese Grating
 photo 1380634360441_zpsaf1e8a8f.jpg
Serabi with Sausage and Cheese Grating


Healthy Snack at Papaya Fresh Gallery Supermarket

There are so many supermarket in Bandung that are serving snacks in their location. After more than three years living (again) in Bandung, we are able to map our which are the best snacks to be found in a particular supermarket.

In Papaya Supermarket, one of the main attraction when shopping here is their snack bar. It is located in a row near the cash register. Easily a Japanese snack heaven in Bandung. You can find Japanese Croquette, Chicken Katsu, Sushi, Onigiri and some refreshing beverages there. For snacks in a particular time of the day (after 8 pm if we are not mistaken) they also holding out discount hour for the snacks here. No wonder when we arrived in this place after 7 pm sometimes it is difficult for us to find parking lot here :).

Oh, and also inline with the Japanese style cooking, most of the snacks here are cooked with healthy oil. Great for us! Who are not loving snacks but presented in a healthy way, right?


Papaya Fresh Gallery Supermarket
Jalan Sukajadi 201
Phone: +6222-2038878

 photo 1374465922641_zps63bb983f.jpg
Look at All of These Snacks!
 photo IMG01178-20130711-1504_zps37bc9020.jpg
Yogurt Anyone?


Bakpia Kurnia Sari from Jogjakarta

Still inline with the terms of "Happiness, guilt and jealousy fee", we are excited to have a delivery of Bakpia from our sister-in-law who are just having a conference in Jogjakarta. For those of you who are not familiar with Bakpia, it is a small sweet rolls of pastry, usually made from Mung Bean and flavored with chocolate, cheese or milk.

There are several famous Bakpia vendor in Jogjakarta, and the one that we have is branded: Kurnia Sari. Quick search in Google quickly puts them on top of the list of their auto-complete search. Wow, this brand of Bakpia must be quite famous.

What we have is made from Mung Bean with cheese flavor. One thing we learn is that cheese goes well with any pastry :). So this is a great start in our opinion. And it is quickly approved once we tasted it.

 photo 2013-10-29_13-20-25_zps5565f73e.jpg
The Box

The cheese is quite velvety and the dough is crumbled when eaten. We are wondering what it is like if we ate them straight from the oven. Must be very fresh and delightful ^_^.

Can't wait for another of our family members to go and sending us more great snacks and foods!

Yum! Enjoy!

Bakpia Kurnia Sari
Jalan Glagahsari No. 91C and 112
Phone: +62 274 380502 and +62 274 375030
Ruko Permai, Pugong Lor No. 6
Phone: +62 274 625279