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Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

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Today we are visiting the neighbor restaurant of Mamak Kitchen, called Warung Sangrai, based on the invitation of the restaurant owner. Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails.

The design has more warm and friendliness ambiance. Typical ambiance that you can find when you are visiting your local warung in Indonesia.

Suasana Sangrai photo Sangrai_Facade_zps9945f0cd.jpg
 The interior has ambiance that look like warung

When looking at the menu, we are quickly smiling after looking at the restaurant tagline: "Orang Indonesia Asli Makan Pakai Tangan (Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!)".
Spot On!
In the menu, you can find the thumb side picture for best seller label, and chili side picture for spicy label.

Menu Sangrai photo Menu_zps64f7cb7a.jpg
The restaurant tagline

After the food are coming, we are quickly understand on what the slogan means. Although they prepare the spoon and fork, the foods that being served here is mostly easier to eat using your bare hand.

Accompanied by the Head Chef, pak Ricky, we quickly eat our way, while listening to the explanation by the Chef.
For starters, we are being served with their specialty starter menu: Tahu Gerus Pedas. It is basically fried tofu served with chili. You can order the spiciness level from mid-spicy (one chili picture), spicy (two chili pictures), very spicy (three chili pictures), and off-the-menu order: pedas pisan or roughly translated: super spicy!!!. For us, mid-spicy is already to spicy for us :).

Tahu Gerus Sangrai photo TahuGerusPedasSangrai_zpsb9f32d5e.jpg
Tahu Gerus Pedas

For main courses, they are serving their specialties: Quails. Other than chicken, bird-based course is relatively uncommon to find in restaurants in Bandung, as they need extra special treatment to cook them. If it is under-cooked the meat tasted horrible, but if you over-cooked it, the meat will go tough.

So it is enjoyable for us, and a little bit surprising to find the bird being cooked into perfection. Two courses are being served: the original and the spicy version of fried Quails, and both tasted great.
If you want to bring a friend, they serves a Quail package menu of four to eight person. Shiny!

Burung Original dan Rawit Sangrai photo BurungOriginalampRawitSangrai_zps455f5151.jpg
Their specialties: Quails!

Other than Quails, they also serving their Gurame Bakar, Nasi Tungku, and Tutug Oncom. The Gurame Bakar are cooked not using ketchup, but special caramel sauce, adding to the unique sweetness of the fish (and for me a revelation after series of spicy foods :D). The Nasi Tungku is a twist of traditional Nasi Uduk, with the regular dried salted fish is replaced with fried salted fish (Jambal). The Tutug Oncom is served with Fried Chicken, a festive for one person to eat, as combined it creates a very fulfilling main course.

Gurame Bakar Sangrai photo GurameBakarSangrai_zps781ab35f.jpg
Gurame Bakar

Nasi Tutug Oncom Sangrai photo NasiTutupOncomKomplitSangrai_zps36e46261.jpg
Nasi Tutug Oncom

For beverages, they have Es Campur, Es Cingcau Hijau, and their Iced Tea as their best seller beverages. The Es Campur and Cingcau Hijau is different from other restaurant, as they prefer to use coconut milk to replace the regular condensed milk. This makes their Ice beverages more lighter compared with their compatriots. For the Iced Tea, it is the large sized glass that makes us go: "Wow". Really appropriate for hungry students visiting from all around the restaurant.

 photo BeveragesSangrai_zpse10f49fe.jpg
Es Cingcau Hijau, Ice Tea & Es Campur

Es Campur Sangrai photo EsCampurSangrai_zps7776774e.jpg
Beautifully made es campur

Besides of the regular menu, they also serves breakfast menu, consisted of Bubur Ayam Cianjur Komplit and Nasi Kuning Komplit. The Bubur Ayam Cianjur Komplit is a savory version of regular chicken porridge with chicken broth on top, while the Nasi Kuning Komplit is a fresh favorite rice dish made per order.

Affordable Price. Great Food. Nice Ambiance. An unforgettable experience for us to visit, and we are looking forward for our next attendance here soon.

Thank you for inviting us photo Thankyouforinvitingus_zpscca0780e.jpg
Thank you for inviting us, Sangrai! 


Warung Sangrai
Heritage Factory Outlet Building
Jl. Riau (RE Martadinata) No. 63
Bandung - Indonesia
Phone: +62 22 91566224
Website: http://www.warungsangrai.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/warungsangrai
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warungsangrai

Information Update:

Currently they are offering new set menu called Spicy Quails (Puyuh Rawit). So, if you like spicy food and birds, then this is the place to go...


For You Who Like Spicy Foods...


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