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Nasi Kuning & Bubur Ayam Pasir Salam

One of our favorite place to eat breakfast on the go. The outlet is always empty, but don't let the appearance fooled you, as the outcome can be two ways: Either nobody eat there, or the food is already being sold out.

Apparently, the latter is what you get when you visit this place over 08:00 AM. Like today, we managed to get just one portion of Nasi Kuning and two portions of Bubur Ayam. I have the next customer as my grumbling witness you haplessly can only watch me smile while I bring the last piece of Bubur Ayam & Nasi Kuning to my car.

Perhaps there is Karma at play, and maybe the next time I am visiting this vendor, it is he who will smile in front of me, while he brings the last order Nasi Kuning & Bubur Ayam to his car :).


Nasi Kuning Pasirsalam photo 2013-12-31_09-26-18_zps8e30ced3.jpg
Nasi Kuning Pasir Salam

Bubur Ayam Pasirsalam photo mtf_VFfTO_259_zps614d73e9.jpg
Bubur Ayam Pasir Salam

Bubur Ayam & Nasi Kuning Pasir Salam
Jl. Pasir Salam Raya (in front of Alfamart)
Bandung - Indonesia


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