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Kuala Lumpur (Culinary) Trip in April 2013: Burger Bakar Abang Burn

Today we have the honor of being taken out by one of our best friend in Malaysia, Shazrin. He is currently working as a lecturer in UiTM, Malaysia.

He is visiting us all the way from Shah Alam, and tonight he brings us to this hip place called Burger Bakar Abang Burn.

It is a local franchise of grilled burger, that is quite famous here, with 15 chains are opened all around Malaysia. What so special about their course in our opinion is the gigantic serving that they served. 

I ordered their burger, and they served their side dish of sausages, instead of regular fries. Other unique thing that we find here, is the addition of onion rings inside the burger and the hard-to-miss towering soda.

Really great place for hanging out with your friends.

Thanks Shazrin! Hopefully we can see you again soon!


Burger Bakar Abang Burn
Website: http://www.abangburn.com/

 photo IMG_9188_zpsde74e08f.jpg
Burger Bakar
 photo IMG_9189_zps8bb95fd5.jpg
Burger Bakar & Sausage
 photo IMG_9190_zps345c3de0.jpg
Towering Soda
 photo IMG_9191_zps59954873.jpg
Ais Campur
 photo IMG_9194_zpsf081bdaf.jpg
The Interior #1
 photo IMG_9195_zps29e33f03.jpg
The Interior #2
 photo IMG_9196_zpsefcc69c9.jpg
The Exterior


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