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TwoCents, Jalan Cimanuk, Bandung

For a while we are searching for the right time to visit this coffee vendor, but with hectic schedules that we have, along with the crowded people that came to TwoCents makes our visit delayed over time. 

Until one day, one of our cousin, ask to meet Aswin for business development consultation. We propose to meet up here. Their design is very warm and intimate. Perfect for meeting or a session of quiet reading. They also incorporated a unique ordering system specifically found in modern coffee shop, where we pay for the meals and coffee that we ordered prior to sitting. Then we take our order after they finished making it.

We tried their bagels (Aswin's favorite type of bread besides focaccia), and their open sandwich. We also ordered their cold and iced coffee. The overall experience was delightful. One of the many coffee shops vendors that you should visit if you are happened to be around the area.


Jl. Cimanuk No. 2
Phone: +6222 4261336


Coffee... Hmmm...



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