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Sumeragi, Authentic Japanese Cuisine in Setrasari

We found this place by coincidence when we are looking to grab something to eat for dinner in Setra Sari area. The place itself is designed very Japanese, with all of the ornaments and simplicity that you often found in a Japanese restaurant.

The place itself has their own bar, with several table in the first floor, but for us, we really enjoy having our meal in the second floor. The situation is somewhat more intimate and warm.

The menu that we really enjoyed here is their signature salad.

What? Salad in Japanese restaurant you asked?

Yup. Their salad is one of the main reason why we enjoy this restaurant. The vegetables are fresh, their portion is huugee... And most importantly, their dressing tasted delicious. we really recommended that if you come to this restaurant to give it a try. We also loves their Okonomiyaki (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okonomiyaki).
All of the meals here are prepared fresh and usually comes in large portion. Really suitable for you guys who loves to eat large or eating out in large number.


Sumeragi Izakaya
Setra Sari Mall, Jalan Surya Sumantri Blok B3 No. 51,
Jawa Barat 40163
Phone: +6222 87801683


Their Signature Salad



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