--> Aswin and Alia's Food Journey: January 2010

Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thailand Cuisine

Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine

Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014

Finally, after a year of planning, we are able to set up a trip to Bali. Very excited! Alia has been mentioning about Ubud for quite some time and now this trip is about to be realized.

Welcome Home: Nanny's Pavillon Housewarming

On 30th of April 2014, we were invited to the housewarming of the newest Nanny's Pavillon restaurant in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau), Bandung.

Caffe Bene: Korean Coffee Shop in Bandung

Alia has been craving to visit this place for a while, so when the time comes to visit she was delighted

Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails


Excelso Cafe, BSM (Bandung SuperMall) Bandung

Hot Chocolate

Caramel Cappucino

 House Blend

Honey Chicken Sandwich (need confirmation on the full food name)

 Banana Wrap

-Aswin & Alia-
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Toko Yu, Bandung

Es Campur & Avocado Juice

From bottom left clockwise: Oyster Yamien Noodle, Sweet Yamien Noodle, and Edamame

-Aswin & Alia-
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JFC, RSAB Harapan Kita, Jakarta

JFC (Jakarta Fried Chicken) is a food chain restaurant that are available in Jakarta. I think I can't considered it as a food chain, as they don't have any branch anywhere else as I know. Maybe you guys can help me find another chain, beside here in RSAB Harapan Kita? Anyway, for the food is ok, especially if you're really hungry.

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D'7uan KM 42 Padaleunyi Toll Road

The place spelled D'Tuju(h)an, or the destination in Indonesian.
Still amazed with the weird habits of Indonesian people to try "mix" Indonesian and English in one sentences.

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Pempek Jl. Veteran-Bandung

Forgot the restaurant name...
But taste ok. Be sure to write for the name when I passed Jl. Veteran.

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The Valley, Bandung

Le Petit Paris, Cihampelas Walk

I don't know about now (since I have not been to Cihampelas Walk for the last couple of months), but the last time we go there, the place was already closed and changed into "Talaga" restaurant. Hopefully they moved their restaurant into another better place. 

The Steak #1

The Steak #2

The Menu & Location

Le Petit Paris
Cihampelas Walk Mall
LG Floor - Broadway Street
Phone: +6222 206 0988
Fax: +6222 206 9088

Shin Men, CiWalk