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Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand Cuisine

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This time we are visiting the newly opened Mamak Kitchen, based on the invitation from the restaurant owner. Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine. Tucked conveniently in the famous Heritage Factory Outlet, the restaurant design is modern but yet feel warm.

 photo FacadeMamakKitchen2_zpsa9023226.jpg
The facade of Mamak Kitchen. Notice the funny quotation of the glass? :)

 photo Interior_zpscaa08da1.jpg
The interior of Mamak Kitchen, modern yet warm

Today we are accompanied by the head chef of the restaurant, Chef Aep. He explained about the concept of the restaurant, the idea, and the most importantly, the specialties of their dishes.

Combination of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thai cuisine are making the restaurant have various specialties menu. The favorites according pak Aep including Roti Canai (Malaysian), Horfun (Singaporean), and Papaya Salad (Thailand).

All of the discussion are making us hungry, and perhaps looking at our hungry faces, the chef quickly making the dishes all at once. Shiny!

 photo CanaiinthemakingMamak_zpsd3031af1.jpg
Chef Aep himself made the Roti Canai

 photo BrochureMamakKitchen_zps241a04d4.jpg
Their menu and specialties

The first dish to be served is their famous Roti Canai. Main difference between this dish and the one that being served in other restaurant in particular is that the chef makes them instantly by order. No freezing, no cold storage. Everything is made from scratch. And this makes a particular difference, as the taste is very fresh and delicious.

 photo RotiCanaiMamak_zpsa987dbe0.jpg

 photo RotiCanaiMamak2_zps1478b448.jpg
Roti Canai

The next dishes that comes out is their famous Papaya Salad and Crispy Thai Salad. The Papaya Salad is fresh, and the Thai Salad puts a creative twist of the traditional kerupuk banjur that we all loved so much.

 photo CrispySaladMamak_zps4f4ba76a.jpg
Crispy Thai Salad for free, if you follow, mention & post photo on twitter while enjoying you meal

 photo PapayaSaladMamak_zps1254fb4a.jpg
Papaya Salad

The main dishes consisted of the traditional Hainan Chicken Rice. It is very delicate. The broth is clear and not quite heavy in terms of flavor. About the chicken, pak Aep explained that the chicken is prepared in such way, so the meat tasted light but the skin is not soggy. Interesting, as we have not found this kind of Hainan Rice, even with the one that we tasted abroad.

 photo HainanChickenRiceMamak_zpsdcdab817.jpg
Hainan Chicken Rice

For beverages, we tasted their Thai Iced Tea and Teh Tarik. The Thai Iced Tea in particular tasted unique, as there is a hint of spice that are introduced there, but unfamiliar. When asked, pak Aep only smiled and say that it is a secret recipe :).

 photo BeveragesMamakKitchen_zps7833c794.jpg
Their special beverages: Thai Iced Tea & Teh Tarik

 photo TehTarikMamakKitchen_zps92a45e8e.jpg
Look at the foam!

Thank you for the invitation. We are both happy and looking forward to visit this restaurant again soon.

 photo AswinatMamakKitchen_zpse23b7b4d.jpg
Happy Face!


Mamak Kitchen
Heritage Factory Outlet Building
Jl. Riau (RE Martadinata) No. 63
Phone: +62 22 9508 566
Email: mamakkitchen.id@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mamakkitchen.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mamakkitchen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MamakKitchen


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