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Jakarta (Culinary) Trip in June 2013: Kopi Oey Tune Hotel Pasar Baru

Our today's purpose of trip to Jakarta is to accompanied me on scholarship interview. The scholarship was provided by the Indonesian Department of Finance, and the location is in the center of Jakarta.

Bearing in mind (and cost), we decided to book a hotel room in Tune Hotel Pasar Baru. The reasons is because of the closeness of the hotel to the interview location, and the magnet of Pasar Baru area as a tourism spot, preferably by our Malaysian friend.

The place that we've stayed have a small coffee shop called Kopi Oey in the ground floor. As we are hungry and tired, we decided to ordered the food from here. The place itself offered various local foods, as well as courses from our neighboring countries of Singapore and Malaysia.

The taste in overall was okay and fulfilling. Now all we have to do do after lunch is go to bed before visiting Pasar Baru at night.


Kopi Oey
Tune Hotel Pasar Baru
Jalan Haji Samanhudi No.25, Jakarta Pusat
Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10710
Phone: +62 21 38902172
Web: http://kopioey.com/

 photo 2013-06-07_06-40-03_zpsfac0fb0c.jpg
Fried Rice
 photo 2013-06-06_20-37-59_zpsdaddaa69.jpg
Take Away Sandwich
 photo 2013-06-06_20-37-43_zpsa422c718.jpg
The Neat Box
 photo 2013-06-06_15-47-40_zps6f033923.jpg
Rice in Pandan Leaves
 photo 2013-06-06_15-44-38_zps506ce0d1.jpg
A Bowl of Noodle
 photo 2013-06-06_15-35-18_zpsc8b8b042.jpg
Cool Drink for this Hot Day!
 photo 2013-06-06_15-41-27_zps3b7438a6.jpg
Very Thick Toast!


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