--> Aswin and Alia's Food Journey: October 2013

Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thailand Cuisine

Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine

Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014

Finally, after a year of planning, we are able to set up a trip to Bali. Very excited! Alia has been mentioning about Ubud for quite some time and now this trip is about to be realized.

Welcome Home: Nanny's Pavillon Housewarming

On 30th of April 2014, we were invited to the housewarming of the newest Nanny's Pavillon restaurant in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau), Bandung.

Caffe Bene: Korean Coffee Shop in Bandung

Alia has been craving to visit this place for a while, so when the time comes to visit she was delighted

Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails


Burger Rendang Anyone?

Burger and Rendang are easily included into our top ten most like-able dish that we have eaten. So, when we hear that Core Burger in Jalan Ternate serves a dish combining the two, we did not think twice to go here right away.

The location tucked nicely in Jalan Ternate, just in front of the newly opened Gudang Jam. The place is small with bar and seating area that can cater around 20 people or so. Their kitchen is divided into two areas: The kitchen where cooking is placed neatly in front of the bar while the beverage section is located uniquely in a VW Combi. Very interesting.

The place is jointly serving two types of food: Fast Food, represented by Core Burger and Noodles, represented by Baso Mas Tato. The menu is simple, easy to read and quite affordable. I ordered the Rendang Burger and Thai Iced Tea while Alia ordered the Mie Paporit and Thai Iced Tea.

The serving is quite generous. Easily fulfill one hungry stomach. The Rendang and the noodle tasted quite OK, with the burger being served uniquely with Mustapha Fries as a side dish. With a price of only Rp 20.000,- (US$ 1.7) I think it is a bargain.


Core Burger/ Baso Mas Tato
Jalan Ternate No. 10
Twitter: @BasoMasTato

 photo 2013-10-23_12-57-35_zpsed4dedec.jpg
Mie Paporit
 photo 2013-10-23_12-50-02_zpsde978e07.jpg
The Kitchen
 photo 2013-10-23_12-51-38_zps7c76c9e4.jpg
The Menu
 photo 2013-10-23_12-53-04_zpsbe1bd011.jpg
Thai Iced Tea
 photo 2013-10-23_12-59-02_zpsa3301f03.jpg
The Coup de Grace : Rendang Burger


Pie Susu Alternatives: Pie Susu Special

Bali and Pie Susu (Small Milk Pie) are allready become a synonym. As it become bigger phenomenon as an alternative to the already popular Kacang Bali (Balinese Peanut), when someone go to Bali nowadays it is considered as one of the main gifts to be bought for Families and Friends (especially co-workers who are demanding "happiness, guilt and jealousy fee" over your picnic :P).

More and more vendors selling Pie Susu is appearing in Bali. So, we are excited to find that one of my dad's co-worker deliver the "happiness, guilt and jealousy fee" to us in the form of Pie Susu.

 photo 3a53485e-4d01-469d-ac71-eaf81102912b_zps353e76ca.jpg
The Box
The one that we have today came from Pie Susu Special brand. One box consisted of 9 pie. The company website stated that they already in business since 2007, and they also able to provide with a delivery system to anywhere in Indonesia. Quite neat and great touch in our opinion. Their price per box is Rp 17.000 (US$ 1.3) for original flavor and Rp 20.000 (US$ 1.7) for cheese flavor.

The taste is OK, and it really healed a bit part of us who are longing to go Bali. Hopefully we can go there again soon.


Pie Susu Special
Jl. Semeru No. 30-32
Denpasar - Bali
Phone: +62 361-7953837 and +62 361-7980509
Website: http://www.piesususpecial.com


Ayam Goreng Nikmat at IBCC

One of the oldest fried chicken franchise to be found in Bandung, this vendor are famous in its original place, Jalan Panaitan Bandung. So it is quite a bit surprise to find their branch in the food court of IBCC, Bandung.

Combined effect of great x-banner display, hungry stomach (it is already 2:00 PM as we speak), and imagination leads me to select this vendor over more than twenty other vendor in this food court. Imagination flies as I wait anxiously for their serving of Paket C which consisted of rice, fried chicken, fried tofu, fried tempeh, lalaban and chili sauce.

 photo 2013-10-24_13-54-09_zps8e961fb9.jpg
Complete Paket C

Finally the serving comes. With happy face I attack the food like a hungry coyote (well, at least that is what Alia describe about my hungry feasting today :P). Yum! Crispy fried chicken combined with hot fried tofu and tempeh and spicy chili really combined great together.

Hungry stomach replaced with happy stomach leads to imagination of displayed king size bedroom in the Informa section of IBCC.

I really missed my bed so bad right now... -___-".


Ayam Goreng Nikmat
Plaza IBCC Food Court
Jl. Jenderal Ahmad Yani 296


Phuket Restaurant: Thailand Street Food in Your "Paris van Java" City

We are always a big fan of Thai food, but we rarely ate them in Bandung. Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Fried Chicken wrapped in Banana Leaves. What's not to like?

The question arise is: Why then we rarely ate them in Bandung?

Drawing from conclusion based on our past eating experience, there are two major distinguished reasons: The first is related with budget. Usually Thai restaurant in Bandung cost quite a fortune. So, when we ate there usually it is on a special occasion. The second reason is more on our palate. Having been to Bangkok several times in the last five years, we have grown accustomed with their flavor, and sometimes it is difficult to find the authentic one similar with what we are having in Thailand.

Anyway, since we heard that a new Thai restaurant is open close to our Yoga training place, we decided to give it a try, especially when we sees their tag which include the word: Thailand Street Food.
In our perception, Thailand Street Food is more on snacks such as grilled sausage, fried meatballs etc. So when we visited the place we are quite a bit surprise to find that the restaurant serves not just their street food, but also their main dish. 

Hmmm... Interesting.

The menu is quite complete, consist of meat, vegetables, snacks, and even seafood. Since we are hungry after hard Yoga exercise, this is a perfect cover for us to order quite a lot of food here ^_^.

We started with snack: Battered Potato Fries, then food main dish we ordered Saute Kang Kong with Shrimp Paste, Pad Thai and Fried Chicken with Sesame Seed. For our beverages we ordered KratingDaeng (Red Bull) with Lychee and Iced Tea.

Their foods tasted OK, and more over one of their plus points is that they cooked their foods without MSG. Nice touch, considering that Asian cuisine sometimes relies on the use of MSG.

After a while our friend Ramala came to join us, and we ordered another round of food consisted of Seafood Pad Thai and Mango Salad. We add another round of beverages consisted of Iced Green Thai Tea with Milk and Iced Green Tea Float.

Good food. Good friend. Good chat. What's not to like here?


Phuket Authentic Thai Street Food
Jl. Veteran No. 43 Bandung
Phone: 022-4209268

Note: For review in Bahasa, you can come and visit our Friend, Pasha blog here. Enjoy! 

 photo 2013-10-22_20-16-30_zpse869a4c3.jpg
Chicken Pad Thai
 photo 2013-10-22_20-13-34_zpsbd665072.jpg
Iced Tea Thailand Style
 photo 2013-10-22_20-13-18_zps45cbe227.jpg
KratingDaeng (Red Bull) with Lychee
 photo 2013-10-22_20-12-12_zpsc6e24303.jpg
The Interior
 photo 2013-10-22_20-11-46_zps31c9660d.jpg
The Founders
 photo 2013-10-22_20-11-07_zps7a0c9245.jpg
Hungry Face ^_^
 photo 2013-10-22_20-10-15_zps7a072796.jpg
They have several branches in Java Island
 photo 2013-10-22_20-10-02_zps0fb7ec02.jpg
The Menu
 photo 2013-10-22_20-53-16_zpsf4ea10c3.jpg
Iced Green Tea Float
 photo 2013-10-22_20-53-07_zps694afafc.jpg
Seafood Pad Thai
 photo 2013-10-22_20-53-00_zpsa6e48410.jpg
Infamous Mango Salad
 photo 2013-10-22_20-49-44_zpse2647673.jpg
Iced Green Thai Tea
 photo 2013-10-22_20-25-45_zps13e49f2a.jpg
Chili Condiments with Level of Spicyness
 photo 2013-10-22_20-22-08_zps6556fa70.jpg
Battered Potato Fries
 photo 2013-10-22_20-21-44_zps05518f85.jpg
Fried Chicken with Sesame
 photo 2013-10-22_20-21-24_zps3161faa7.jpg
Sauteed Kang Kong with Shrimp Paste


Mellow and Romantic Spot: Restaurant & Cafe Concordia Bandung

These photos had been taken around one year ago. We were kind of stranded here because of something and decided to have dinner in here. This restaurant and cafe had been around for ages, and I always love this place, so many memories happened in here. I used to come here with my best friend, she is now living in Belgium, and she was a member of this place. Aswin also used to member of this place, but he gave it up because why do he had this when we were living hundred kilometers away.

Beside nostalgic, I always felt mellow and romantic when I'm in here. I didn't know it is because of the atmosphere or the solitude. Well, last time I went here on New Year and my brother and his family also come, this place is something isn't it?

So, enough about me and this place. That night we ordered Caesar Salad, Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet, and Duet of Gindara and Salmon Fillet on Vegetable for an appetizer and main course. The beverages were coffee leguisse and lemon tea. We also ordered dessert, but I think I forget the name, it's like cake and ice cream inside of it. It was GOOD! Of course, it is, with the price like that you rarely be disappointed.

So, if you need some solitude in Bandung area or feeling romantic or mellow. This is the right place! Enjoy!

Jl. Kiputih No. 12
Ciumbuleuit - Bandung
Ph. 022 2032661, 2034249
e. bp.bumisangkuriang@yahoo.com

 photo Image0976_zps274d0985.jpg
The restaurant
 photo Image0972_zps9bb98d2a.jpg
 photo Image0975_zps2e86b98f.jpg
The menu
 photo Image0974_zps3d7fade0.jpg
 photo Image0970_zps6d6612da.jpg
Caesar Salad
 photo Image0978_zps7ef6cbdd.jpg
Duet Gindara and Salmon Fillet on Vegetables
 photo Image0977_zps6afaba08.jpg
Grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet
 photo Image0981_zps7cb950ef.jpg
The dessert
 photo Image0969_zps474040f0.jpg
Coffee Leguisse
 photo Image0971_zps37a2a0bf.jpg
Lemon Tea


All about Durian from Pekanbaru

We've been crazy over Durian. They smell like feet, but hey they taste GOOD. Over weeks ago our parents brought the gift all kind of Durian  from Medan, from pancake Durian to the container full of Durian itself. It was like Durian party in the house!

As we know, Medan always famous for its Durian like our previous post in here, but somehow Pekanbaru also city for Durian lovers. So, my sister in law got gifts from her friend from Palembang, Megarasa Durian  Pancake and also Durian Soft Cake, this was something that I barely knew.

The pancake tasted superb. Note that the one who write this love Durian, it always good and very good. The one that super good was Kanyao Durian from Thailand, must taste it if you are crazy over Durian. The soft cake also really good, this one had the texture like klappertaart but can you imagine the coconut change into durian?

So, anyone going to Pekanbaru? Gotta has this for your loved ones! 

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.397 B 
Pekanbaru - Riau
Ph. 0761 7772891

Jl. Hang Tuah No. 130; Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 418
Pekanbaru - Riau
Ph. 0761 848168; Ph. 0761 862858

 photo Image1006_zpsd535a362.jpg
Gifts from Pekanbaru
 photo Image1004_zps40576beb.jpg
 photo Image1005_zps0ccad11d.jpg
The pancakes
 photo Image1008_zps6647e850.jpg
My precious :)
 photo Image1007_zps300c0bea.jpg
 photo 1378889122907_zps2db21e0b.jpg
The soft cake


Blast from the Past: Ponyo Sundanese Restaurant

It is been gosh-quite-a-long-time since we ate in Ponyo restaurant. Every time someone mentioned about this restaurant, our mind is suddenly travel for more than 50 kilometers to the area between Cianjur and Puncak area, where their most famous restaurant branch was once one of the main attraction of our trip from Bandung to Jakarta before the creation of Padalarang-Cikampek toll road.

In Bandung somewhat we already being bombarded with new restaurants, Sundanese and other, making old face became unfamiliar.

Until today...

Out of nowhere, we suddenly anonymously decided to eat in Ponyo. Ponyo is a restaurant which holding the old tradition of Sundanese restaurant. There are only few restaurant which serves food such as this place. The one that comes in mind is Ampera, Kedai Mangga, and Bumbu Desa which uses their method of serving.

What they do is that they display all of the food that we can select using the thong. All of the food displayed are half cooked, and after you select them, they would happily cooked them to perfection.

As today we ate a little bit late, a lot of items are being ordered by us. Grilled chicken, gepuk (fried meat), fried tofu, fried tempe, sauteed mushroom, perkedel jagung (corn fritters) and Kerupuk is on our menu. For beverages without thinking twice I ordered their Es Campur.

All of the sudden all good memories of driving trip through Puncak area, enjoying the great weather of Puncak, shopping for local snacks in Cianjur, and facing the traffic in Ciawi (yes, it is a great memory, because when we are kids we liked to make up games when facing traffic jam) coming to mind.

Hmmm... What a beautiful memories.


Ponyo Sundanese Restaurant
Jl. Malabar No. 60
Bandung - 40262
Phone: +62 22 7301477
Fax: +62 22 7312768
Email: ponyo@bdg.centrin.net.id

Gepuk, Fried Tofu, Fried Tempe, Corn Fritters

Grilled Chicken and Sauteed Mushroom

Balance Meal: Don't Forget the Veggies!


Things We Find in Car Free Day: Kerupuk Banjur

We are always amazed and excited when visiting Car Free Day event. Not only it was one way for us to drag our lazy feet to do exercise (We clocked around 2.5 miles of walking trip every time we go to Car Free Day event), but also because there are always something new to be found here.

For example, today I (Alia already knows it a couple of weeks ago) just realized that there is a vendor who sells Kerupuk Banjur in the event. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Kerupuk Banjur, it is local Indonesian fried crackers bathed, or drowned, in a liquid consisted of oncom sauce. If you have not got the picture, imagine a bowl of nachos that are bathed inside BBQ sauce. Well, the taste is not exactly the same, but you get the picture, right?

Anyway, for me this is like combining two of traditional elements (kerupuk and oncom) that are known tasted great individually. The result? One hell of a breakfast side-dish in my opinion. Ordered two of them with a lontong (rice cake) and a nice cup of coffee, I think you will have an exciting day ahead of you.


Warung Jajanan Baheula
Car Free Day Buah Batu
In Front of Bank Saudara
Open every Sunday from 06.00-10.00

The busy vendor

Small things that tasted divine :)


Soto Ojolali at Jalan Cibadak, Bandung

We often purchase this soto vendor to go in their Jalan Banteng branch, but we are rarely ate in their main branch in Jalan Cibadak. So, when the opportunity arise during our last shopping trip to Jalan Cibadak, we have made our mind to ate here.

Soto Ojolali is located in the center of Jalan Cibadak, it is on the left side of the road (FYI, the road is one way). It is hard to locate as it does not have a distinct mark/ logo. Our suggestion is that you should park somewhere and walk to find the restaurant (or you can just ask the parking guy, they will point out the direction).

They do not have a menu, instead when you sit down you will be asked by the waitress "bikin berapa?" (rough translation: how many serving would you like?). In addition to the soto, you can choose their side dishes which include potato fritters, corn fritters, fried offal meats, and cooked egg.

We ordered two servings, one potato fritter, three corn fritters, one kerupuk (traditional crackers), and one es campur. Less than five minutes, the servings are already presented in front of us.

Their soto tasted light, not too savory, unlike other soto vendor that we know. One portion is very fulfilling in our opinion. I really liked their corn fritters, and their es campur for me is considered as one of the best es campur in Bandung.

Total damage cost for both of us eating here is around Rp 70.000,- (around US$ 7). Very fulfilling, and we got to say we might ended up eating here again during our next trip to Cibadak ^_^.


Soto Ojolali
Jl. Cibadak No. 79
Phone: +6222 4202907

One Serving of Soto

Their Famous Es Campur

Side Dishes


Things We Find in Car Free Day Event: Traditional Mixed Fried Snacks

We love going to car free day event. For those of you who are not familiar with the Car Free Day event, it is an event held for a half of day in Bandung, where some specific road(s) are closed for cars and motorcycles. The road(s) usually then filled with activities such as aerobics, dancing, music performance, and amateur vendors.

There are currently two Car Free Day events in Bandung, held in Buah Batu and Dago area. We used to visit the Buah Batu event.

One of the main traits of Car Free Day event in our opinion is their foods. Before in our post we already discussed about some of them, including the Hotdog Colok vendor.

Today we will discussed about our another favorite vendor: The traditional mixed fried snacks vendor.
Located in the middle of the Car Free Day event, this vendor are run by a couple, and usually accompanied by their daughter.

They sell the traditional mixed fried snacks a la Bandung which consisted of bala-bala (fried vegetables), cireng (fried glutenous rice), tempe mendoan, and fried tofu. One of their main gimmicks is that they are frying them fresh and not using used oil, which makes the snack tasted better.

With the price of Rp 6.000,- (~US$ 0.5) you can have a decent breakfast menu. Beware though, as the food are being prepared fresh, sometimes you will have to wait for 15 minutes or more to get your serving.

But at the end, the waiting is worth it. Well, at least for us ^_^.


Great Snack!


South Korea (Culinary) Trip in November 2012: Farewell Meal

We were on our way on the flight to Indonesia.
Good bye South Korea. See you again next time. Looking forward another trip to this country again. 


Lunch set