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South Korea (Culinary) Trip in November 2012: Tous Les Jours in Seoul

Our hotel was in Mapo-Gu area, near Susaek station, so it was considerably in peri-urban of Seoul. It looked like office district, so at night it was very quiet only  few peoples seen walking around or maybe because it was cold and no one crazy enough to walk in the middle of the night.

After we had eaten the ginseng chicken soup, it restored our energy, so we decided to walk around the area. We're planning to walk to World Cup Stadium, which was quite far. The weather was cold, and it was windy, so we never got to the Stadium, but we found this little bakery shop near the office area, Tous Les Jours. Well, at that time (almost a year ago) this bakery hadn't opened their branch in Indonesia yet. So, we decided to take a peak there. According to WikipediaTous Les Jours was established in 1996, with the first store opening in Gu-Ri, South Korea in September 1997. The company established a frozen dough facility in Um-Sung, South Korea in November 1997, starting mass production and distribution. In September 1998, the Tous Les Jours company began franchise licensing to the public.

Inside of the bakery shop, it was such eye candy, the breads looked good, and the cakes looked cute. So, even though we were full, we couldn't help ourself  not to buy their breads, but it quite expensive comparing to BreadTalk. We bought three breads and one melon ice candy. Although it was cold, we managed to buy ice sticks, oh okay...but we took it to the hotel.

So, couple  months ago, we went to Central Park and found this Tous Les Jours but surprisingly the selections of breads, not as many as the one in South Korea and many items already sold out. The bread like how it looked, they tasted good, fluffy and not too sweet. I still wish they would open their branch in Bandung.

So, enjoy!

Tous Les Jours
Mapo-gu, Seoul
South Korea

Selection of Breads
Varieties of Sandwiches & Beverages
They wrote down how much calories in the bread
Cute packagings :)
The Cashier
Another selection of breads
What a Cute Cakes
The cakes
One of the cake
Cute candles...Ok everything cute in here
Decoration Kit

We scream....Ice cream...
Hmmm...seems good, but it was cold out there
The bagel
The breads that we bought
The facade of the shop


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