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Things We Find in Car Free Day: Kerupuk Banjur

We are always amazed and excited when visiting Car Free Day event. Not only it was one way for us to drag our lazy feet to do exercise (We clocked around 2.5 miles of walking trip every time we go to Car Free Day event), but also because there are always something new to be found here.

For example, today I (Alia already knows it a couple of weeks ago) just realized that there is a vendor who sells Kerupuk Banjur in the event. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of Kerupuk Banjur, it is local Indonesian fried crackers bathed, or drowned, in a liquid consisted of oncom sauce. If you have not got the picture, imagine a bowl of nachos that are bathed inside BBQ sauce. Well, the taste is not exactly the same, but you get the picture, right?

Anyway, for me this is like combining two of traditional elements (kerupuk and oncom) that are known tasted great individually. The result? One hell of a breakfast side-dish in my opinion. Ordered two of them with a lontong (rice cake) and a nice cup of coffee, I think you will have an exciting day ahead of you.


Warung Jajanan Baheula
Car Free Day Buah Batu
In Front of Bank Saudara
Open every Sunday from 06.00-10.00

The busy vendor

Small things that tasted divine :)


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