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Soto Ojolali at Jalan Cibadak, Bandung

We often purchase this soto vendor to go in their Jalan Banteng branch, but we are rarely ate in their main branch in Jalan Cibadak. So, when the opportunity arise during our last shopping trip to Jalan Cibadak, we have made our mind to ate here.

Soto Ojolali is located in the center of Jalan Cibadak, it is on the left side of the road (FYI, the road is one way). It is hard to locate as it does not have a distinct mark/ logo. Our suggestion is that you should park somewhere and walk to find the restaurant (or you can just ask the parking guy, they will point out the direction).

They do not have a menu, instead when you sit down you will be asked by the waitress "bikin berapa?" (rough translation: how many serving would you like?). In addition to the soto, you can choose their side dishes which include potato fritters, corn fritters, fried offal meats, and cooked egg.

We ordered two servings, one potato fritter, three corn fritters, one kerupuk (traditional crackers), and one es campur. Less than five minutes, the servings are already presented in front of us.

Their soto tasted light, not too savory, unlike other soto vendor that we know. One portion is very fulfilling in our opinion. I really liked their corn fritters, and their es campur for me is considered as one of the best es campur in Bandung.

Total damage cost for both of us eating here is around Rp 70.000,- (around US$ 7). Very fulfilling, and we got to say we might ended up eating here again during our next trip to Cibadak ^_^.


Soto Ojolali
Jl. Cibadak No. 79
Phone: +6222 4202907

One Serving of Soto

Their Famous Es Campur

Side Dishes


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