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All about Durian from Pekanbaru

We've been crazy over Durian. They smell like feet, but hey they taste GOOD. Over weeks ago our parents brought the gift all kind of Durian  from Medan, from pancake Durian to the container full of Durian itself. It was like Durian party in the house!

As we know, Medan always famous for its Durian like our previous post in here, but somehow Pekanbaru also city for Durian lovers. So, my sister in law got gifts from her friend from Palembang, Megarasa Durian  Pancake and also Durian Soft Cake, this was something that I barely knew.

The pancake tasted superb. Note that the one who write this love Durian, it always good and very good. The one that super good was Kanyao Durian from Thailand, must taste it if you are crazy over Durian. The soft cake also really good, this one had the texture like klappertaart but can you imagine the coconut change into durian?

So, anyone going to Pekanbaru? Gotta has this for your loved ones! 

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.397 B 
Pekanbaru - Riau
Ph. 0761 7772891

Jl. Hang Tuah No. 130; Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 418
Pekanbaru - Riau
Ph. 0761 848168; Ph. 0761 862858

 photo Image1006_zpsd535a362.jpg
Gifts from Pekanbaru
 photo Image1004_zps40576beb.jpg
 photo Image1005_zps0ccad11d.jpg
The pancakes
 photo Image1008_zps6647e850.jpg
My precious :)
 photo Image1007_zps300c0bea.jpg
 photo 1378889122907_zps2db21e0b.jpg
The soft cake


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