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South Korea (Culinary) Trip in November 2012: Namisum Chicken Barbeque

Second venue that we visited on our tour was Nami Island or known as Namihara Republic. This place was famous as a shooting location for one of most memorable Korean Drama, Winter Sonata starred by Bae Young Jun and Choi Ji Wo.

For our lunch, the tour guide took as to the restaurant in Nami Island called Sum Hyang-gi. Actually, at first we didn't aware about the name of the place cause it was written in Hangul, but after done some research we found it. The restaurant is famous for its chicken barbecue and as the website said that their unique menu features fresh vegetables a la Nami with barbecue.

The Location (Source: Namisum.com)

The chicken barbecue was delicious, or maybe we're quite hungry, and it even more good when we wrapped the chicken with the lettuce, rice, and side dishes. How exciting for me to try food that I always saw when watching Arirang or Kimchi Chronicle.

So, enjoy!

Sum Hyang-gi
Along the White Pine Tree Road and across from UNICEF Hall
Nami Island, South Korea
Ph. 031-581-2189

The barbecue chicken
Heading to Nami Island using ferry
With our tour guide, Natalie, on the ferry
Cute :)
We were at Namihara Republic!
The restaurant's signage contain the menu.
That's the beauty of being in the tour, everything already served when we came
The barbeque chicken set
The rice and clear broth
All the side dishes
"When the chicken can be eat?"
The chicken must be cut first
Let Superman did the job
And cut!
Let's eat it!
It was more delicious if you wrapped the chicken like this.
Ever  saw Korean drama or Kimchi Chronicles?
Our tour guides: Jenny and Superman (from Korea) and Natalie (from Indonesia)
Nami Island indeed beautiful...
...and romantic
Winter Sonata!
When I saw this picture I want to laugh. I even never watch the drama.
Apparently this was most popular attraction.
Such a long queue to take a picture with this statue


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