--> Aswin and Alia's Food Journey: January 2012

Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thailand Cuisine

Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine

Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014

Finally, after a year of planning, we are able to set up a trip to Bali. Very excited! Alia has been mentioning about Ubud for quite some time and now this trip is about to be realized.

Welcome Home: Nanny's Pavillon Housewarming

On 30th of April 2014, we were invited to the housewarming of the newest Nanny's Pavillon restaurant in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau), Bandung.

Caffe Bene: Korean Coffee Shop in Bandung

Alia has been craving to visit this place for a while, so when the time comes to visit she was delighted

Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails


Malaysia (Culinary) Trip: Pappa Rich

Malaysia maybe not the kind of country that famous for it's culinary. When we heard Malaysia then we will remember about teh tarik, nasi briyani and so on. We could find it easily in Indonesia, why we have to go to Malaysia? But like all stories that we were write in this blog. It is all about experience, while the food is the same, but the location is different and it is all about spirit of the place will enhance your experience. 


Homemade Spaghetti with Neapolitan Sauce

Homemade Spaghetti with Neapolitan Sauce

Woke up in the morning feeling very hungry. We decided to try and cook some homemade spaghetti. We try to make a neapolitan sauce with no meat inside. Just pure tomato and some herbs. The taste in overall is exactly as we expects: sweet and sour with a hint of oregano aroma.

As we paraphrased what Michael Smith always says: "The best recipe is by cooking without a recipe!"

Bon Appetite!

Homemade Beef Steak, Gravy, Potato Fries with Ciabatta Bread

Beef Gravy, Ciabatta Bread, Beef Steak & French Fries

On a very quiet Pre-New Year day, with no agenda on what to be done, we decided to try and cook several dishes. In the morning we cooked the pasta, and for the evening we try to dished out a beef steak.

Armed with minimum knowledge about beef steak cooking, which only being inspired from our daily exposure to TLC and AFC channel, we try to cooked the beef steak and it's condiments.

Homemade Jelly

The look might not be appealing, but the taste is surprisingly great. Never thought that Kiwi and Pomegranate can go along together.

Gudeg Bengawan Solo, Bandung

The Menu

One of the option if you are bored with the regular Gudeg Banda or Gudeg bu Ratna. The taste is overall the same for me, as I don't eat Gudeg that often. But what differentiate this from other Gudeg vendor is their very spicy chili sauce. So, if you like spicy food, then this place is definitely should be written in your agenda.

Yogen Crepes, Griya Buah Batu, Bandung

Yogen Crepes located at Griya Buah Batu. The price range is between 10.000 idr to 5.000 idr.
Here I ordered the Smoked Beef & Cheese Crepe.
Sorry, no photograph of the crepe. Must be vanishing to our stomach during our trip home :).


Bakso Semar, Bandung

Bakso Semar, Bandung. Finally an alternative for noodle & meatball soup lover in Bandung. This Bakso Semar is supposedly already being famous for quite some time, with their 2nd branch in Jl. Cihampelas always flocked with customers. However, gratefully the decided to open their 3rd branch in Jl. Karapitan in front of Langlang Buana University.
What makes this noodle & meatball soup different is that their main ingredients is made from the rib part of a cow. It supposedly makes their taste richer and bolder.

Bakso Semar, The Stall #1

Bakso Semar, The Stall #2

Yamien Manis

Yamin Manis with Bakso Rusuk
The Menu

Bakso Semar
Jl. Karapitan (in front of Langlang Buana University)

Remembering My Childhood: Es Lilin Aneka Rasa, Cikawao

The Es Lilin
Es lilin mah ceuceu kalapa muda....

If you are Sundanese you must be known this song. Es lilin is one kind of food that makes me remember my childhood's time. This store on Jl. Cikawao called Es Lilin Bandung Aneka Rasa provide es lilin with various tastes, such as fruit (orange, mango, avocado, durian, etc), coconut or kopyor, ketan hitam and many others. I usually bought around 10 sticks that I would stored it in the refrigerator, so when I need something cool and refreshing, I just grab it from the fridge. It just cost 2500 idr for one es lilin, considering you can have it for 4 instead of one Magnum. :)

Miki Ojisan No Mise, The Japanese Cheesecake

The Puffy Japanese Cheesecake
Miki Ojisan No Mise, The Japanese Cheesecake. No words fits to describe the deliciousness of this cheesecake. We always rate it as one of the highest rated cheesecakes that we have tried in Indonesia. Soft. Delicate. Light. Puffy. And it gives you the perception that it is OK to eat this cake everyday (if your Financial Planner Consultant approved it of course, due to the high price tag :P).  

Excelso Coffee, Toll Road KM 57

As we are often traveled to Jakarta, sometimes we make a quick stop at several resting points along Cikampek and Padalarang Toll Road. One of our regular resting point when we are traveling from Jakarta to Bandung is usually the KM 57 Resting Point. And one of the regular resting point that we are frequently visited is the Excelso Coffee. The reason is usually because of their great coffee, and sometimes they give great discounts if you use certain credit card. Sometimes up to 50%. So, double the fun, besides the great coffee and sandwiches, also with quite affordable price for similar products sold in the other vendors :). Bon Appetite!

Sunny Side Up: When it's All about (Arabian) Eggs

Went here the last time we go to Serpong. Their menu is all about eggs, and they say their eggs are also organic. We tried their pasta and other foods. Overall the taste is similar with other diners, and even in this egg-themed restaurant, they still haven't served a well-executed Egg Benedict.

One particular menu item that stands out is their Eggnog (non-alcohol). It's huge, it got egg, and in overall I can say that it is one of their best menu item here.

The Menu
Information about Arabian Egg

Aglio Olio Spaghetti
Egg Benedict?

Vegetable Juice

Sunny Side Up
Twitter: @sunnysideup_gs

Ruko Alexandrite
Blok ALX3 No. 7 Gading Serpong
021 - 54220612 / 021 - 54220613

Downtown Walk #DGF - 231
Summarecon Mall Serpong

Bakso Malang Enggal, Jl. Burangrang

Two Bowl for One Person!

We think we have already posted about the Bakso Malang Enggal before. What we would try to underline here is that usually when we eat here, Two bowl is usually the normal portion to eat here hehehe...

Bon Appetite!

Es Podeng & Es Doger, Taman Jajan BSD

Es Doger Taman Jajan BSD
As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the best way to finished a great meal is by having a great dessert. And if you are happens to have lunch or dinner at Taman Jajan BSD, then the best way to finished it is by ordering their famous Es Podeng or Es Doger. There are two vendors there that sells this product, and in our opinion their taste is exactly the same. So it doesn't matter where you ordered it, the quality of Es Doger and Es Podeng there is guaranteed. The only matter that you should be concerning, is whether you will order the Es Podeng, Es Doger, or both :). Es Doger is consisted mostly of coconut and tape/ peuyeum (don't know how to translate that in English) and colored white, while Es Podeng is consisted mostly of coconut, crumbled bread, chocolate muisjes (chocolate sprinkles), some pink jelly, and topped with condensed milk.

Bakso Wonogiri, Taman Jajan BSD

When we go to BSD to visit our house, sometimes we are confused with the simplest questions "What are we going to have for lunch?". And in this particular day, the question did arise again. The first idea that we are having (actually Alia's) is perhaps we should have Es Podeng and Es Doger for dessert. And the best place to have it in BSD is at Taman Jajan (the story will be told in separate blog post). So, there we are at Taman Jajan, strolling to see what to eat. There we finally decided that we should try the Bakso Wonogiri.