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The Kiosk, Bandung

At lunch time, after finishing my Friday prayer and finishing my Pre-Toefl test (which I feel won't resulted very well... Although we will not discussed it here), Alia, Mom, and I goes cruising to one of the new Modern Food Court in Bandung called the Kiosk.

The concept of this Food Court is to gather many famous food stalls and vendors in Bandung in one place, so people can reached it in just one location. Currently there are three branches that they open: one in Dago, one in Braga, and on in Setiabudi.

As usual, the menu that I ordered is the Kupat Tahu Gempol, although I'm already ordered it like for every time I go to the Kiosk branch. There something about this Kupat Tahu that makes me want to order... and order... and order... again. This time, Alia tries the Mie Kocok (up until now I still don't understand on what the fuzz about this food... Really guys, do you like it? I know I don't), and Mom ordered the Baso Tahu (although Sinchan tasted much much much better in my opinion).

For the drinks, I usually try the Es Campur. But now, as deep down I know they don't have any durian and avocado (they always runs out) I just ordered bottled tea.

Note for myself: for my next trip to the Kiosk, remind me to ordered the Iga Bakar. No more Kupat Tahu... Or maybe I will ordered both of them...

-Aswin & Alia-

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