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Lemans Lamb Satay

Sorry for the absentees for the last few days, we will try to make it up for the lost posting for the next few days.
For today's topic, I would like to share some information about a restaurant that are considered as one of our favorite restaurant in Bandung. The name of the restaurant is Lemans, ,like in the Pontiac LeMans sports car or the Le Mans city in France when pronounced.
Their favorite food in the menu is the lamb satay. The satay itself is very tender, composed from their secret ingredients and served with soy sauce. If you can eat lamb whether for health or personal reasons, you can try their chicken satay. They're also tasted quite good, although I still prefer their lamb satay.
For the price of Rp 25,000,- you will get 10 sticks of satay consisted of 3 large meat in skewers.
The restaurant is located in Jl. Lodaya, Bandung, next of Waroeng Steak, in front of the Lodaya Baseball Stadium. I will try to add the direction and photographs later in my next visit there.

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