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Risotto Pizza at Cafe Milan

Today our journey takes us to Cafe Milan. Located in the area of Lingkar Selatan Bandung, we considered that this place serves the best pizza in Bandung area. Initially Alia was craving for a Rum Raisin ice cream (they also serves ice cream here), I'm more interested to taste the Risotto Pizza.
It turns out that they run out the Rum Raisin ice cream (poor Alia), but the Risotto Pizza is available there. Risotto Pizza??? You must be thinking that we ordered two kind of food, Risotto and a Pizza. We'll you're wrong, we ordered the Risotto Pizza.

After waiting for quite a while (around 15 minutes), finally they serves the food. So, in general the food consisted of Risotto of your choice (Smoked Beef, Chicken, Beef, Tuna, etc) placed inside pizza batter, and baked as a usual pizza.

The taste? Well, to be frank the composition is kinda odd, because you can imagine: a carbohydrate inside carbohydrate and baked. But yet, it tasted great according to me and Alia.

Maybe in the future, we'll see Rice and Pasta, or Pizza with pasta topping. Looking forward to taste them.

Note: they also serves Dolce Pizza, or Sweet Pizza. It also tasted kinda unique, or odd if I may say. Depends whether you like sweets or not.

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-Aswin & Alia-
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