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Bumi Serpong Damai Heavenly Foods Part 1

To be honest Bumi Serpong Damai has become our second home and what we like the most is the variety of food that you can find there. From Chinese food, Sundanese food, Western food, you can find all of short food here. Of course, we start from the one that we like most.

1. Pecel Ayam Pak Jono
If you going to have a lunch in Serpong area, you have to taste this. I think it was the best Pecel Ayam I ever had in my entire life. The fried chicken you find it very crispy and tasty and the best from all is their sambel. If you like hot and spicy sambel then you must try it, it so spicy that you find it the taste is good. Even one day, I found that the crew of Bumbu Desa -because they wore shirt written www.bumbudesa.com, odd isn't it?- had a lunch there, maybe for survey purpose, well seemed like it.

Pecel Ayam Pak Jono, located on Jalan Serpong Raya, near the Depo Bangunan, and the opposite of Super Kitchen. Don't try looking for a banner written "Pecel Ayam Pak Jono", well you'll not find it, it just say "Pecel Ayam" and the place not too eye catching, but you will find many cars are parked there.

2. Bakmi Pelangi

Bakmi Pelangi actually one of bakmi place in BSD that we're like, but because it is different than the other bakmi, so it is worth trying. What I like about Bakmi Pelangi is the noodle that come in colorful look, green, red, and violet. It says that the noodle contain vegetable in it, so it's very healthy and the taste well, good enough, of course you can't compare it to Mie Akung in Bandung, but I think they're not using vet-sin or MSG in their soup.

Beside Bakmi, there are other kind of food like Porridge, Nasi Tim, and so on, I've been taste them and well it's not bad, even the porridge is great. The other think that I always order in here is their Vegetable Juice, healthy and also taste good.

Bakmi Pelangi located on Ruko Tol Boulevard and also Ruko Versailles in BSD, you will find it easily because it really has a big banner.

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