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Atmosphere Restaurant

Alia has been craving for a while for Rum Raisin ice cream. As we're searching for it around Bandung (we literally search high and low for it), we decided to try to find it in this Restaurant, Atmosphere.

We have considered Atmosphere to be one of our favorite dining place in the Southern part of Bandung. The location, which is near our home and the cozy situation here makes this restaurant a perfect place to celebrate birthday and any other special occasion.

At the time we got there, we're able to get the sofa beds, due to that we come in weekdays and not in a busy eating hours. This sofa beds are very comfy, especially if you come here in groups.

I ordered the cheesy fries, tornado cellyphone (?), which is basically beef steaks with potato croquette, and lemon grass tea (?!!). Alia ordered the fettucini and (finally) a Rum Raisin Milkshake.

Overall the taste in our opinion is so-so, not spectacular, but not bad either. Note for the lemon grass tea, after I drinked it, as it tasted like herbal I'm actually feel more healthier.

If you're happen to come across the southern part of Bandung, and you really like to have a place to hang around with your friends and family with a medium range of meal price, then we definitely recommend this place.

-Aswin & Alia-
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