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Breakfast at the d'risoles (I have to add the "the" word...)

Restaurant in Bandung area (and in Indonesia in overall) have the tendency to try making English words more "Indonesian". One of the common method that they use is by making the word "the" to become "d", such as d'canteen, d'village, d'farm, etc. This place is also falls into that category.

After all of the family are failing to eat Dim Sum at Pagoda (as it turned out Pagoda only serves Dim Sum on Sunday only), we decided to try to have breakfast at d'risoles. At first we're quite a bit confused on how to order the menu, but after we hear the explanation from the waiter we finally understand.

So to order the breakfast here, first we have to buy some kind of a coupon in the reception area. By paying an amount of Rp. 16.500/ person we can order one main course (a selection of fried rice, lontong kari, kupat tahu, yellow rice, nasi uduk, lasagna, sandwich, or chicken porridge) and free refillable tea/ coffee.

For the taste vs price, we can say that it is a win win solution for owner and customer. Although the taste is not spectacular, but with that price it's understandable. We conclude that most of the customers are visitor from out of Bandung (Jakarta in particular) who stayed in a budget hotels which they don't serves breakfast there. They are looking for an affordable breakfast, but with the taste of Bandung.

One plus point for the foods and drinks here is that they serves a very good tea. The tea is very aromatic and tasted great.

Still... I'm craving for Dim Sum... Maybe tomorrow morning we can go there? If we do, we'll be sure to post the review tomorrow.

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-Aswin & Alia-

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