--> Aswin and Alia's Food Journey: August 2014

Mamak Kitchen: A Fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Thailand Cuisine

Opened in the mid of 2013, the restaurant is serving a fusion of Singaporean, Malaysian and Thailand cuisine

Bali (Culinary) Trip in March 2014

Finally, after a year of planning, we are able to set up a trip to Bali. Very excited! Alia has been mentioning about Ubud for quite some time and now this trip is about to be realized.

Welcome Home: Nanny's Pavillon Housewarming

On 30th of April 2014, we were invited to the housewarming of the newest Nanny's Pavillon restaurant in Jalan R.E. Martadinata (Riau), Bandung.

Caffe Bene: Korean Coffee Shop in Bandung

Alia has been craving to visit this place for a while, so when the time comes to visit she was delighted

Warung Sangrai: Real Indonesian, Eat With Their Bare Hands!!

Located in the opposite side of Mamak Kitchen, the restaurant is serving traditional Indonesian Food with one particular course that are standing out: Quails


Joe's Classic Lemonade: Big. Bold. Refreshing!

Joe's Classic Lemonade.

Big Bottle...

Bold Flavor...

Refreshing Lemon Juice...

Nuff' Said!


Joe's Tea
Website: http://www.joetea.com/products.html
(In Bandung we found them in Total Buah Segar, Setiabudi Market, and several Mor Store branches)

Big. Bold.Refreshing!


Siomay Graccia: A Simple Traditional Snack from Bandung

A simple yet delicious Siomay package in Bandung. Mostly you can find them in supermarkets and fruit store such as Total Buah Segar.

Great for snack or in-a-rush meal substitute. Each package consisted of six Siomays and a plastic of sauce. Really convenient, and tasty too!

If you want to order them directly you can try and contact the following address.


Siomay Graccia
Kompleks Batu Mas IV K6
Phone: +6222 705322995
Mobile: +62 8996900088

Siomay Graccia


Food Gifts from Vietnam

After our parents return from Vietnam, they brought us several snack gifts from Vietnam. The first one is some kind of traditional bakpia from there, while the other one is some kind of peanut.

The initial research of the brand "Khong Sac" via google has provided us with several images of lovely airlines stewardess taking selfie pictures with caption on Vietnamese language.

Hmmm... We guess either the brand is sponsoring an airlines there, or the meaning might be different :D.

Wait a Second, This is Not A Stewardess!

Anyway, for the second gift, the peanut, after closer inspection, it is revealed to be a package of dried lotus nut. After a quick search via Google it is revealed that this is a delicacy and considered as medicine in Chinese and Vietnam culture. Neat!

Dried Lotus Nut



Homemade Fried Rice For An Empty Stomach

Feeling a little bit like cooking today.

We decided to try and cooked a plate of fried rice. For cooking, we tried to use the regular fried rice trick from the street vendor with the eggs being mixed inside the rice.

We also scavenge our refrigerator, and (literally) throw everything that is left there into our fried rice concoction.

The end result: overall okay fried rice. Not too proud with the end result, but enough to fill our empty stomach :D.


End Result. Not too proud with it, but it gets us through the day :D


Let's Get Nostalgic: Warung Lela

Warung Lela has always become our favorite noodle vendor in Bandung since our college time. But since the location is quite far from where we lived, we have not visited them as often as we liked.

So, when the opportunity appeared, we took our time to visit the restaurant. 

The food menu in overall are still the same. The noodle is still tasted great. And their pangsit goreng is as delicious as the last time we tried them.

In overall: it is (still) worth the trip. Enjoy!

Warung Lela
Jl. Kupa No. 6
Bandung, West Java 40135
Phone: +6222 2501396

Yamien Manis + Baso

Iced Tea

The Delicious Pangsit Goreng


Fried Rice Vendor at Sudirman Street, Bandung (Contributed Article by Ruben Juliarto)

This posting is contributed by Ruben Juliarto, our beloved friend and regular contributor for Jejak Rasa. Thank you and look forward to hear about your next article contribution bro!

Three hours bus ride to Bandung made us hungry. It was 10 pm so we decided to visit our usual chinese food hawker at Jl. Sudirman Bandung, which is near Marie Tunggal biscuit and gas/petrol station. The warung stands at left side for Cimahi direction.
We ordered fried rice and kwetiaw thick noodle. After sleeping with growling stomach at the bus ride, the fried rice was truly heavenly joy. 5 minutes later the plate was almost empty plate as you can see the report picture. Always remember our grandma wisdow, don't make any left over rice so we finished all of them with smile. While we were eating, we smell fine aroma of cooked food which made our stomach even fuller. The waiter also served us two glasses of tea, which tasted original Indonesian IMHO.

After it ended, it was costed 20k rupiahs. It will be less than $2 if we convert it to USD. Next time we will visit this nasi goreng warung again.

Empty Plate = Happy Customer!