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Let's Get Nostalgic: Warung Lela

Warung Lela has always become our favorite noodle vendor in Bandung since our college time. But since the location is quite far from where we lived, we have not visited them as often as we liked.

So, when the opportunity appeared, we took our time to visit the restaurant. 

The food menu in overall are still the same. The noodle is still tasted great. And their pangsit goreng is as delicious as the last time we tried them.

In overall: it is (still) worth the trip. Enjoy!

Warung Lela
Jl. Kupa No. 6
Bandung, West Java 40135
Phone: +6222 2501396

Yamien Manis + Baso

Iced Tea

The Delicious Pangsit Goreng


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