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Things We Find at Car Free Day Event: Teh Sereh at CFD Dago

If you check our previous post about Car Free Day event, you already know the reason why we loved to come here so much. Not because we are working out to make us healthier by exercising or joining aerobic class here like others do (sadly..), but because we can find new interesting meal and beverages here. 

Like the last time we visit here, we found a unique new mash-up called Cingcau Cappuccino. Now, another new beverages emerges called as Teh Sereh (Lemongrass Tea).

Lemongrass? Are you serious?

Apparently, yes... Lemongrass is already known as one of the ingredients of herbal medicine in the east. So, why not mixed them up with tea, bottled them, and sell them as a regular drink (Asian loves this thing. Sometimes things can get overboard, like Japanese beef tongue flavored ice cream).  

Selling price in Car Free Day event: Rp 6.000 (US$ 0.5) per bottle, or Rp 15.000 (US$ 1.2) per 3 bottle. Currently only serving in Car Free Day Dago and nearest Borma supermarket chain, but they expect to expand their brand soon.

So, if you are feeling like to try a new twist of tea flavor in a bottle, this tea worth trying.


Teh Sereh
Car Free Day Dago (in front of SMAN Satu Dago)
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda

The Outlet


  1. thank you for posting our product.

  2. You are welcome!

    Hopefully Teh Sere' can hit the shelves all around Indonesia soon, so we can enjoy this unique taste of beverage.