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Enjoying Original Korean Fried Chicken at Myeong Ga Restaurant

One thing that we missed during our last trip to Korea, is trying their original fried chicken. After we returned to Bandung, we have made the search to find the best Korean fried chicken as one of our obsession.

Searching ups and down. left and right, we came to visit this place: Myeong Ga Korean Restaurant. We are very familiar with their branch in Papaya, but never ever tried their main branch in Jl. Prof. Sutami. 

The place is very well designed. When we entered, a similar feeling begin to come to us, as we entered a restaurant during our trip to Nami Island and Seoul. The greetings of "hwan-yeong" are said by the waitress here. The traditional dress by the waitress. The calm and relaxing ambiance. And even the guest are mostly Korean.

As our main purpose is to try their fried chicken, then we quickly ordered their fried chicken, 2 bowl of rice, Jjajangmyeon , Mango Juice and Aloe Vera drink. While we are waiting, we are served appetizers of kimchi, fried tofu, mushrooms, and other delicacy. Also, when we ordered, we got free flow of Korean tea, just like we experienced back in Korea.

When we faced the serving, we are amazed with the size. It should be enough to served up to four people! Wow, amazing!

The chicken tasted very good. A combination of familiar breaded fried chicken, but with an Asian twist. Yum! The noodle also tasted delicious. Happy tummy and happy face.

And for a while, we feel like returning to Seoul again.


Myeong Ga Korean Restaurant
Jl. Terusan Prof. Dr. Sutami No. 52A
Phone: +62 22 2007 363

The Appetizers

Mango Juice

Aloe Vera Drink


Korean Fried Chicken

Hungry (Happy) Face!


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