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Wiki Koffie, Braga, Bandung

We visited this place after a couple of times passing by the establishment. Today, accompanied with our close friend, Ramala, after a Yoga class, we decided to visit the cafe.

The cafe itself is quite small, only provides around 10-15 person seating, but it makes the environment very warm and cozy. The materials is mostly refurbished, kinda bringing a home aura to it.

Their menu is varied, with coffee as their main attraction. They also serves some heavy meals such as chicken fingers with rice and curry with rice. For me, the main attraction is their flavored pop-corn. I love pop-corn, and the idea of combining them with coffee is a master piece (well, at least in my opinion).

Exercise. Eat. Chatting. Only one thing left to do after this...



Sleep! :)


Wiki Koffie
Jalan Braga No. 90

 photo 2013-11-26_20-38-15_zps97a43d4f.jpg
Vietnam Drip Coffee
 photo 2013-11-26_20-30-01_zpsdd85da75.jpg
 photo 2013-11-26_20-14-24_zps49cb1bab.jpg
Cheese Popcorn
 photo 2013-11-26_19-55-55_zps9081c2b1.jpg
Potato Wedges
 photo 2013-11-26_19-48-17_zps1921a168.jpg
The Menu #1
 photo 2013-11-26_19-48-06_zps8f69f302.jpg
The Menu #2
 photo 2013-11-26_19-48-25_zps03ad570b.jpg
The Table Sign (Named after Cities in USA)
 photo 2013-11-26_19-54-56_zps2c0727cf.jpg
Hot Cappuccino
 photo 2013-11-26_19-55-45_zpsebb67392.jpg
Chicken Fingers with Rice
 photo 2013-11-26_19-48-37_zps45a5e910.jpg
The Interior


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