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Riau Islands (Culinary Trips) in March 2013: Otak-Otak Warisan pak Agu

Got this package from several medical doctors stationed in Batam and Bintan area. The shape and the taste of the otak-otak is very different compared with the one we used to eat here in Bandung or in Jakarta. The first difference is that the otak-otak tends to crumble easier compared with our version of otak-otak. Our theory suggest that the use of aci (some kind of flour) is very limited. The second difference is that this otak-otak must be using more fish compared with their counterpart here. The third difference is they have two version: the regular white version, and the red version which are imbued with chili.

We really liked them both. Hopefully we would be able to go there (or got a package sent to us? *hint*) sometimes soon in the future.


Otak-otak Warisan Pak Agu

Ruko Palmspring B3 no5
Batam - Indonesia
Phone: +62 8127031280 or +627787071203
Web: https://www.facebook.com/otakotak.warisanpakagu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@otakotakpak_agu

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Number III Champion in Keppri!


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The Otak-Otak


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