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Riau Islands (Culinary) Trip in March 2013: Dinner at dr Azis' Residence

Aswin was extremely enthusiasts when we heard that to get to Tanjung Pinang we had to take ferry first. But since we sat in VIP area, it wasn't like the last trip when I took the ferry in 2003 for our campus field trip, from Bali to Bandung.

It took around 1 hour from Batam to Tanjung Pinang. Based on Wikipedia, Tanjung Pinang is the capital and second largest city of the Indonesian province of Riau Islands after Batam. Tanjung Pinang itself is located on south of Bintan island.

After we arrived at the port, we went to dr Azis' residence with bus, which took around 10 minutes. The house itself has 1200 Sqm where in every bedroom there was a bathroom and walk in closet. Wow! It was extraordinarily generous of them to invite us spending the night there.

We had dinner at 8 pm. They served us crab (again) with chili sauce, Kerapu fish, shrimp, fried chicken, and chicken soup. There also otak-otak for snacks, and fruits and cendols for dessert. After we had dinner, we were doing line dancing and also karaoke. Well, they are entertained us to the max. Great food, good companion, and great entertainment! It was such great evening, thank you for dr. Azis and family.


dr. Azis' Residence
Tanjung Pinang - Riau Islands

We were entertained to the max!

Aswin in VIP Room of the Ferry

Welcome to Tanjung Pinang!

The Harbour
Various types of Local Seafood Dishes
Cendol ala Tanjung Pinang
Otak-otak #1
Otak-otak #2: Leave no food behind!
A little work-out in form of Poco-Poco to shade that excess fat
Singing Contest


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