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Riau Islands (Culinary) Trip in March 2013: Akau Potong Lembu, Tj. Pinang

Based on Haluan Kepri, Akau Potong Lembu is the biggest and the oldest culinary spot in Tanjung Pinang and the visitors not only people from the city, but tourist also come to this place. That's us! The place reminded me of pujasera in Gading Serpong we used to come and also in Night Market of Bangkok, Thailand.

It was almost late at night but the place was swarming with people and matter of fact it felt cozy and that's why people loved this place. We already had dinner with crabs and the friends, so we just ordered beverages, Aswin and I ordered ice tarik tea. I also took a bite of grilled cuttlefish, it was quite delicious, maybe because it was so fresh.

So, this place is very recommended to visit during your trip to Tanjung Pinang. Enjoy! 

Akau Potong Lembu
Jalan Potong Lembu
Tanjung Pinang - Kepri

The Logo
The Making of Their Delicious Coffee
Can You See How Hot it is?
Although it is night, it is very crowded!
Great Place for Light Discussion and Kongkow-Kongkow
It is over 10 PM!
And yet the crowd is still around!
Happy Faces!
Foamy Teh Tarik
Snack: Grilled Cuttlefish


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