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Jakarta (Culinary) Trip in November 2013: Breakfast in Pullman

During our stay in Jakarta, we set our establishment in Hotel Pullman. Formerly known as Hotel Nikko, this hotel is famous among Japanese expatriates who are doing business in Jakarta.
The design itself reflects this. Very simple design, but convenient. Very Japanese like.

For breakfast, however, they are apparently going USA, Texas to be exact. All kinds of menu is presented here. Indian, Indonesian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian, and even Japanese is there. And all of them tasted great!

Really making our couple of days of staying there to be an adventure :) Yum!


Pullman Hotel
Jalan Kebon Kacang Raya No.59
Jakarta, Kota Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 31921111
Website: http://www.pullmanjakartaindonesia.com/

 photo IMG_6745_zps7ede0322.jpg
Salad & Sushi for Appetizer
 photo IMG_6747_zps0b6e246c.jpg
Pickled Cucumber
 photo IMG_6795_zpsf681df5d.jpg
 photo IMG_6797_zps480327aa.jpg
Indonesian Corner
 photo IMG_6789_zps4e2fe259.jpg
Caught in Action!
 photo IMG_6784_zps9ca9cc65.jpg
Somewhere here we can find a Salad
 photo IMG_6785_zpsb76f7c3c.jpg
 photo IMG_6783_zpsa1d6e4c5.jpg
Beef Bacon!
 photo IMG_6787_zpsd426c258.jpg
One of the BEST waffle we've ever tasted!
 photo 2013-11-23_07-20-45_zps0339deea.jpg
Balanced Meal?


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