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Jakarta (Culinary) Trip in November 2013: Food Louvre, Grand Indonesia

It was our first day in Jakarta. The main objectives is to accompany our sister-in-law who is having a conference in Universitas Indonesia. However, the true objectives is to enjoy a night out in the central of Jakarta. To be exact in the Bundaran HI!

One of the main attraction in Bundaran HI are the malls, and today we are visiting the Grand Indonesia malls. After strolling around and sight-seeing, we finally decided to have our meals.

When traveling with our parents, usually this produce problems. Their taste is slightly more conventional, while ours are more progressive. So, the Food Louvre provides us with a win-win solution.

Our parents choose the Vietnamese dishes, Alia choose the Japanese Ramen, while for myself, I select the Chinese noodle.

Overall experience was great, and we are excited to explore Bundaran HI area more in the following days.


Food Louvre
Grand Indonesia
Jakarta - Indonesia

 photo 2013-11-22_20-16-24_zps902a68ea.jpg
Happy Hungry Faces
 photo 2013-11-22_19-55-46_zps6674f5b7.jpg
Beef Rib Noodle
 photo 2013-11-22_20-00-36_zps42d84ac3.jpg
Noodle with Broth (Pho24)
 photo 2013-11-22_20-05-22_zps17c79f61.jpg
Beef Ramen
 photo 2013-11-22_19-58-10_zps4cb109ec.jpg
Beef with Rice (Pho24)


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