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Riau Islands (Culinary) Trip in March 2013: Mega Bintan KM. 50

We left Tanjung Pinang in the morning after we went to Penyengat Island. Our next destination was Lagoi. According to Wikitravel, the area is located at the northern tip of the island, around 2 hours trip (70 km) by bus from Tanjung Pinang  and 45 minutes from Singapore by ferry. Lagoi is full of expensive resorts and manicured lawns, and it has very little in common with the rest of the island. It is known as Bintan resort and commonly misunderstood as a colony of Singapore because of its higher standards in infrastructures, utilities and security.

It is very much a family-oriented destination, there are currently five independently owned and operated beach resorts, four designer golf courses as well as a range of recreational facilities and attractions located within it. Most tourists come for its serene characteristic, where they can laze by the beach, enjoy spa, play golf and dabble in watersports. The area is separated from the rest of Bintan by thick forests, checkpoints, and armed guards.

We were stopped for a while in between our trip to have lunch at rumah makan Mega Bintan KM. 50. It is the type of warung that serve chicken/beef soup with clear  or coconut milk broth. It was remind me of warung my colleague, and I used to have for lunch in Serpong. As expected the soup was superb, but since the weather was so hot I was drizzled with sweat while eating, and that was when cold drinks became the savior. They provided a variety of drinks in the can which came from Malaysia.

Next: LAGOI. I'm very excited since I heard so many stories about this place and how beautiful and odd. Well, where else in Indonesia that the currency is in Singaporean Dollar.

Rumah Makan

Mega Bintan
KM 50
Bintan - Indonesia

Their Famous Sop Ayam
Hungry faces? YES!
They also provide other menu beside sop and soto
Soto & Sop Display
Sop Ayam w/ Rice
The Large Lemon/ Citrus for Additional Tangy Flavor

Drinks (We think it is coming from Malaysia)

Spicy Chili
 photo IMG_3956_zpsbee5f710.jpg
Photo group before heading to Lagoi. Cheese!


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