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Jakarta (Culinary) Trip in March 2014: Bengawan Solo KM 19

We thought going back to Bandung after lunchtime on Monday will be traffic jam free.

Oh, how we are never been so wrong before.

The traffic is heavy with trailer trucks all over us. Combined with an urge to pee, we decided to visit the KM 19 toll road rest area in Cipularang toll road. After looking for parking lot in several rounds, we finally found a spot to park.

While we are here, we decided to grab a meal, and we decided to try the new menu in Bengawan Solo Coffee. Alia ordered their Ramen, while I ordered their chicken burger.

In overall the taste is okay, and it fuels us to go and join the dreadful traffic up ahead.


Bengawan Solo Coffee
Cipularang Toll Road KM 19 Rest Area

Chicken Burger



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