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Riau Islands (Culinary) Trips in March 2013: Kue Deram Deram, Penyengat Island

If we have kue Ali Agrem in Bandung, then people in Tanjung Pinang (or Penyegat Island) have kue Deram Deram. If you're not familiar with kue Ali Agrem or some people might called it kue Cincin then maybe you know about kue Cuhcur. Well, these three snacks are similar in taste, but the kue Ali Agrem is more similar in taste and appearance with kue Deram Deram. The shape like donuts and the taste is very sweet.

The snacks only available in Penyengat Island. The island has been known as tourist attraction in Tanjung Pinang, and to reach the island you have to take small boat. Based on Wikipedia, on Penyengat Island they have the old ruler's palace and royal tombs, among them the grave of the respected Raja Ali Haji, who was the creater and author of the first Malay Language grammar book, are one of the many legacies left by the Riau sultanate. The one which still in use is the old vice-royal mosque, the Mesjid Raya. To take you around the island, they have becak look a like transportation.

Actually, I like kue Ali Agrem, so I can't resist this kue Deram Deram. It has become our accompanying snack through our journey to Lagoi, Bintan. Well, we still kept one box to bring it as a gift to Bandung.


Kue Deram Deram Indera Jaya
Penyengat Island - Riau Islands

 photo IMG_4021_zps4fb4d658.jpg
The Famous Kue Deram Deram
 photo IMG_4022_zps0ec6e289.jpg
It Looked Like Small Sized Donuts!
 photo e81a042b-6446-488a-afdc-dc7c96f499a1_zps16e281f8.jpg
Kue Cincin or Ali Agrem
[ photo taken from here]
 photo Kue-Cuhcur-300x200_zps8219423d.jpg
Kue Cuhcur
[ photo taken from here ]
 photo IMG_3958_zps1350d08c.jpg
The dock that will take us to the island
 photo IMG_3963_zps762a1ddb.jpg
See...it's becak, it's motorcyle, so it's?
 photo IMG_3991_zpsc4b4106a.jpg
The old vice-royal mosque, the Mesjid Raya
 photo IMG_3985_zps4f04834a.jpg
We're like couple enjoying their honeymoon. Smile!


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