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Jakarta (Culinary) Trip in March 2014: Lotteria Mall Alam Sutera

After taking Alia for a meeting in Mercu Buana University, we strolled around Serpong area. As the time is still noon, and our host in Serpong just returned home after 6 PM, we decided to go and visit the new Mall @Alam Sutera.
Reaching the area around 3 PM, we strolled around, and after a while we got hungry. Then looking around for a place to eat that haven't yet opened in Bandung, we found this place: Lotteria.
The restaurant is actually a food chain from South Korea. Their main menu consisted of  fusion of Korean and Western food. Here, Alia ordered the Black Pepper Beef Burger Set, while I ordered the Lotteria combo.

Overall taste was great. It is a little bit remind us of our experience in South Korea last year. Hopefully, we can visit the Lotteria in South Korea soon :).


Mall @Alam Sutera
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LO_AlamSutera
Web: lotteria.com

Black Pepper Beef Burger Set

Lotteria Small Combo


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