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Riau Islands (Culinary) Trip in March 2013: Bintan Lagoon Resort

As mentioned earlier, we're staying in one of the resort in Lagoi that was Bintan Lagoon Resort. The resort is well known for its golf course. Well, that was the reason of our visit to this island, I mean, some from our group, while some of us want to see the beauty of the island itself. Since the area is managed by Singaporean and seems like a colony, we were kind of curious what would it be like.

So, from the gate which is separated the resort with its surrounding area, we could see from the infrastructure that it was very different. It had better quality, the road, the lighting, rainwater drainage system, and so on. The area is well designed. Although, once we arrived at the hotel, the building itself is little bit old and outdated. Well, the view from the lobby to the swimming pool is somehow great.

Since Aswin had left to play golf in the morning, then I had to have breakfast without him. The buffet had many varieties of food, but mostly Western food. I like the selection of salad and bread which they had. I choose the American style of breakfast such as toast, sausage, baked beans, potato wedges, and salad on the side. After that I could resist to taste their pancake because it seem good, well yeah...it was GREAT. It always best to have fruits in the morning, so I closed the breakfast with watermelon, melon, and the fruit compote. Last but least I have to start my morning with black coffee.

I love their beach, I could never be bored swim there since the water is so clear.


Bintan Lagoon Resort
Bintan Island, Jalan Indera Segara Site A12
29155, Indonesia
Phone: +62 770 691388
Website: mozaichotels.com‎

 photo IMG_4064_zpsf0ee1488.jpg
The View From the Restaurant
 photo IMG_8773_zps912cbf0d.jpg
The Restaurant Interior
 photo IMG_8777_zps2c28c0e5.jpg
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 photo IMG_8779_zpsb137dad5.jpg
The Breakfast Menu
 photo IMG_8780_zpse3bb5bed.jpg
Pancakes with Eggs
 photo IMG_8781_zps6057705e.jpg
A Balance Meal Should Include Fruits, Right?
 photo IMG_8782_zps716a9eb7.jpg
Fruit Compote

 photo IMG_8776_zps27cd93c8.jpg
A Cuppa Coffee to Kickstart Your Day!


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