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Mon Cherie Dessert... It's What Happiness Tastes Like

Three of our closest cousins decided to start their own dessert line, and we are really excited and happy with their work.
Their pudding are based on our Grandma's secret recipe, so as as someone that already tasted them, we can say that it is tasty. They, however, managed to twist things around with additional four flavors of green tea, taro, bubble gum, and guava, making them more modern and fit for younger audience.

Besides the pudding, they also have their own line of Apple Pie Pop Tart. With the price range of around 9-12K rupiah, we suggested that you should try them. They also accept delivery, although right now it is just around Bandung area. Hopefully soon they would be able to expand their delivery area to wider area.

So, what are you waiting for?


Mon Cherie Dessert
Voila Salon
Jl. Kidang Pananjung No. 5C
Lapak Bu Ceuceu
Jl. Riau No. 83
Bandung - Indonesia
SMS/ Whatsapp: +62 89656935249
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myMONCHERIE
Instagram: MonCherieDesserts

Currently they have four flavors

The Pudding

Bubblegum Pudding

Guava Pudding

Taro Pudding

Green Tea Pudding

Granma's Pudding

Apple Pie Pop Tart


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