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Cronuts in Bandung: Harvest Bakery

Hype of the newly discovered Cronuts by pastry chef Dominique Ansel has been sweeping the USA over the past year. Gaining growth over time, it is even included by TIME magazine in the "25 Best Invention in the Year of 2013".

With this in mind, it is only a matter of time before this invention reached Indonesia. By our account, we only find two bakeries who already sell Cronut by now: Mom's Bakery and Harvest Bakery. Today, we got the chance to taste the Harvest creation.

Cronut is a combination between the word: Croissant and Donuts. And when we taste it, it is exactly what you expect from the name. The crunchiness of Croissant but with the stretchy feel of a regular donuts. It is a new vocabulary for us, and we are glad to have taste them.

Hopefully, our next Cronut adventure might be directly experienced in the original Dominique Ansel Bakery sometime soon :).


Harvest Patisserie and Chocolatier
Jalan Buah Batu No. 262
Phone: +62 22 730233
Website: http://www.harvestcakes.com/

Harvest Sandwich photo IMG_6808_zpse68b8594.jpg

Harvest Sandwich photo IMG_6811_zpsb8e763b9.jpg
Harvest Sandwich

 photo IMG_6815_zps85223432.jpg


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