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Traditional Snacks by Ibu Wiwi Ags

We love to eat snack. We even love to eat local snack. Alia is very much fond of the spicy-est snacks, while I on the other hand prefer the more sweeter, salty, and sometimes a mild spicy snacks.

Alia's achilles' heel for snack is gurilem and seblak, while mine is makaroni goreng. Gurilem and seblak is basically Traditional Indonesian Kerupuk drenched with very intense spicy chili (I don't even want to know what they put in there). Makaroni goreng is basically your ordinary macaroni, deep fried (Italian reader might squirm their face a little bit here. Sorry!), and seasoned, sometimes with the same oh-my-god-why-there-is-so-much-heat very intense spicy chili.

What is so special about this vendor is that this place is run by sweet couple elderly, who really loved doing what they do: selling snacks. We often chat with her and her husband, and you can tell that they also really understand about the snacks that they sell.

Eating great snacks while helping the local vendor. Life is good!


Snack Ibu Wiwi Ags
Pasar Palasari (Palasari Market)
Jl. Palasari
Bandung - 40264
Phone: +6222 7314661
Mobile: +6222 92447277 / +6281802184422

Makaroni Goreng and other Snacks


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