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Bakso Miskam, Bandung

Since we returned to Bandung in early 2010, the price of Mie Bakso strangely has skyrocketed over the years. If it was a stock, and we invested there, we might be rich by now :).

So we were excited to find that there is one new branch of Mie Bakso that offers delicious noodle and meat balls, but with affordable price and good quality. The other main plus side is: It is located conveniently near where we lived! :)

The Mie Bakso tasted more lighter. It also goes the same with the broth. It is more lighter compared with other famous Mie Bakso stand all around Bandung. The overall experience was great, and with easier-on-the-pocket price, it is a bargain for us!


Mie Bakso Miskam
Jl. Talaga Bodas No. 52

 photo 2013-11-13_19-27-46_zps44f091d3.jpg
The Noodle & Fried Wontoon


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