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Exercising and Eating: Why Not?

Well, you cannot called it as exercising to be honest, as mostly I am circling the field in a golf cart, and we cannot called it as fine dining, as it is more of brunch session in a club house.

I am currently developing a new hobby -besides eating- that involves exercise called golf. In most of golf courses, and as you can see in the TV, it is an exercise as we have to walk all around the course (18 hole) while hitting the ball, thinking about precision, accuracy, and concentration.

However, here in Dago Golf Course, as the course is not flat, we have to use golf cart to go around (Hint: Aswin is just lazy :P), leaving the exercise to be more about exercising your mind rather than exercising your body.

Ok, enough about exercise. After all, this is a food blog, right?

So, in the club house, they offered variety of local Indonesian food for hungry sportsman (Ahem...) like us. So, after the game, and having a heated discussion about our handicap (mine is 28), we usually eat here.

Like today, we ordered their signature Nasi Goreng Dago and Bubur Ayam. In overall their taste is okay. Good to fuel your body for a trip back to your home to go to your comfy bed :).


Dago Golf Course (Dago Endah)
Jalan Lapangan Golf Dago No.78
Bandung - 40198
Phone: +6222 2502567

Nasi Goreng Dago

Bubur Ayam


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