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Jakarta (Culinary) Trip in June 2013: Omo Chicken

We always loved to eat South Korean food, and after our recent visit there, the appetite grow bigger over time.

So, when we are familiarizing ourselves to this Central Park Mall, we decided to eat in a restaurant that serves a familiar dish: South Korean.

This vendor in particular serves a twist of South Korean food with the presentation of Japanese fast food. Notice the rice balls that look familiar like Onigiri and the use of paper plates? To us, it is very simple. Just like Japanese restaurant.

We ordered their Chicken wings, Pom Pom Potato Balls, and rice balls. Overall the taste is alright, and gives us fuel to make a secondary round trip all across the mall :).


Omo Chicken
Central Park Level 3 -121
Jl. Let. Jend.S. Parman kav.28
Jakarta Barat 11470
Phone: +62 21 5698.5776
Website: http://www.omochicken.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/OmoKitchen
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OmoKitchen

 photo IMG_4729_zps72878bcf.jpg
Full Complete Menu
 photo IMG_4732_zps0884e4ab.jpg
Potato Balls
 photo IMG_4731_zps595c7c66.jpg
South Korean Chicken Wings
 photo IMG_4730_zps7aac64b8.jpg
Rice Balls!


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