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Cikawao Steak: Affordable Steak with Old Time Twist

Has been craving to visit this place for some time, and today is finally the day for me to visit this place. The last time I have visited this restaurant is perhaps more than 5 (five) years ago, and still nothing has changed much for this place (well, except the price).

The layout of the restaurant is pretty simple. The front right section consisted of the grill and cashier. The back right section consisted of kitchen. The left area of the shop house is used for customer.

The menu is quite regular, with the addition of Wagyu beef (it has not been a trend back in the early of 2000).

What makes this steak vendor unique is their no frills policy with their menu. Strictly steak, with traditional sides of french fries and/ or onion ring. No exotic names. Just your plain old Sirloin, New York, Tenderloin, and T-Bone steak.

And this my friend, is one of the reason besides their good taste and nostalgia, that keeping consumer coming here over and over again.


Cikawao Steak
JL. Cikawao, No. 41 B
Komplek Cikawao Permai, Kav. 13 A, Bandung, 40261
Phone: +6222 4202216

New York Steak

Onion Ring
The Menu


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