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Lumpia Basah in Salman Mosque ITB

During our blog writing in Jejakrasa, we have covered  lumpia basah before, as you can see in our previous post here. We loved lumpia basah as it kinda bring us back to our childhood and old time memories of high school and college years.

This particular lumpia basah stand is also like a blast from the past, as it has been around since we entered our college years (don't ask us what year, it really making us feel old. Hint: a bit over a decade ago). We visit them per one of our high school friend request.

A request to visit one of our favorite childhood food stand? Who is gonna say no to that? :)

The stand itself is still have not change for quite some time. A little bit of paint job here and there, but we can see the stand like we used to visit them during college years. With the price of Rp 7.000,- (around USD 0.6) it is still one of the best bargain menu for brunch/ lunch/ snack.

Fulfilling, healthy, cheap, and reminiscing good old time memories. Really loved it.


Lumpia Basah in Salman Mosque ITB
Jl. Ganesha
Bandung - 40132

Lumpia Basah in the Making


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