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Lumpia Basah "Arie" Batununggal

One of the traditional food that we enjoy since our childhood is Lumpia Basah. It is basically a twist of Spring Roll that usually can be found in Vietnam, China, or other Asian countries. Basically it is a super sized spring roll with the fillings of bengkuang, bean sprouts, scrambled egg, glued with tapioca and brown sugar paste, and finally wrapped with spring roll (usually two) skin. This savory food is best tasted during lunch up to afternoon, and if you prefer, you could add some chili to give some dimensions to the food.

The lumpia basah vendor is decreasing over the years, and currently only handful can be found in Bandung. Some of the prominent places including in: Pasar Tong Tong CiWalk, in front of Griya Buahbatu, and our favorite place is this vendor, Arie Lumpia Basah at Batununggal Supermarket. So the next time you are around Batununggal, be sure to visit his outlet. In exchange for Rp 7.000,- (US$ 0,7) you can get a hearty meal.


Lumpia Basah "Arie"
Batununggal Supermarket
Opening hours: 11.00-18.00 (?)
Bandung - Indonesia

The Standard Serving: Lumpia Basah + Chopstick

The Lumpia Basah


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